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“Goblins: weak, stronger and strongest”

I have found that the goblins gets more and more powerful the more people playing the game. The goblins should be used near the end of the game but if you play two and two the goblins may loose thiere advantage really quick but if you play with three or more players these are great for cleaning the board for you.

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“Save "Cursed" For Last”

“Cursed” is a terrible special power to come across early in the game, but if you wait until the end of the game to pick it up you can make a hefty profit. There was one game where we had 15 Victory points on top of the Cursed Humans. It may not be worth it if you look at how many troops you get, but the large amount of coins on top of it make it worthwhile.

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“go, kobolds go!”

Kobolds are one of the strongest races in the early game.

Since you need two kobols to hold a region, if you can put your hands on them in the first turn, you can reach the limit of the race in this round by conquering empty regions. Go into decline with them in the second turn, and you are guaranteed to have a good amount of gold for the next few turns.

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