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“Playing Country to Country Routes”

A neat aspect in Ticket to Ride is the country to country routes where you have lots of different options about what you even want to do. You could go from France to Italy, or over to Germany, its up to you. And these new routes provide new strategy as well.

Its true there are not very many long routes in Switzerland, but using the country to country cards help with this matter. Make sure that you are not taking the easy way out and going to those short routes. Make your away across to new countries and you’ll get those big points and most likely the longest route.

They can also provide a quit out for you as well as there is a route that can be accomplished in just a few turns. This can help with a bad route draw. Also, since you only have to take the lowest points, its not that bad to simply lose five points for not accomplishing it as strategic move to go for something more.

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“Horde the Route Cards!”

Drawing many more ticket cards in this game is a good idea about half way through. Especially if you’ve already connected a couple of countries on your route. The chances of getting routes you’ve already completed is very high. Then you can rack up the points.

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“Load up on Route Cards”

The key to this game is to continuosly garb route cards. Because the Country map is so easy to navigate and there are so many duplicates to the route cards, it is imperative to continuously load up on route cards. Route cards are not cycled back into the deck. When they are drawn, they’re gone. Better in your hands than your opponents!

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“Team Ticket to Ride: Switzerland”

As a two to three player board, Ticket to Ride: Switzerland is perfect for use as a team game using the same set up and card holders from the Team Asia option from Ticket To Ride: Asia. In Ticket to Ride: Switzerland each player starts the game with forty trains. These can easily be divided between the two members of a team – so twenty each.

Where in Ticket to Ride: Switzerland each player starts the game with five Destination Tickets and can discard down to two, in team play, we found that four Destination Tickets was a fairer number, but still allowed the players to discard down to two. Otherwise, the standard rules of Team Asia apply for handling the drawing and playing of cards and of Ticket to Ride: Switzerland for drawing Destination Tickets.

A standard Ticket To Ride set
Ticket to Ride: Switzerland (either from the original or Ticket to Ride: India)
Team Asia from Ticket To Ride: Asia
Four to six players divided into teams of two (works best with six)

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“Duplicate Routes, Quadruple the points?”

As Ticket To Ride: Switzerland introduces some route cards that are country to country, and that there are duplicates of these routes, we generally only allow a route to only score once in one-direction.
For example, say you draw 2 cards with France-Other Countries and 2 cards with Italy-Other Countries, we generally allow you to score for your route from Italy to France, and score for that same route from France to Italy. If you want points from the other Italy-France routes, you would need to find another part of that country and build a route for it to count.

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“Hog the Center: Zurich, Zug, Schwyz, Luzern”

Compared to some of the other Ticket to Rides this map really tends to bottle neck in the center, this is because players avoid the Southern route because they have tunnels.

Most people will want to pass through Zurich, Zug, Schwyz, Luzern.
If you can get an early lead in blocking others out you will frustrate them and force them to built more difficult indirect route to make their connections.

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As it says in the main description, this expansion requires a copy of Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe… but it is also compatible with Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries.

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“Reissue coming soon”

If you’re just discovering Ticket To Ride and want to get this expansion, be aware that it is being reissued soon in the Ticket To Ride: India map pack.

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