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Tips & Strategies (11)

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“Pay attention to the other players and use misdirection”

Don’t create situations where people won’t want to trade with you.

When you receive cards you want, pretend they are junk and try to trade the same number of cards to someone else so the original trader will be open to giving you more of the same later. When you trade with another player, make sure they’re not pulling the same trick on you!

Likewise watch how others trade, if they never add cards to their hands, but re-trade them immediately, they may be passing the Bear or Bull — or they’re nearly ready to win the hand! Look for players who consistently trade different numbers of cards because they’re more likely to have something you could use.

If you get stuck needing only one card, use some misdirection and try to trade two or three, then change your mind, choose a different card and trade one instead.

Learn to read the other players and act accordingly — it works!

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“For a quieter game”

I introduced this to my students a few years back and you can imagine how loud a group of kids playing this game would be. Instead of having students yelling out how many cards they are looking for I had them hold up fingers instead. I also removed the bell from the game and let players slap the table. Simply put if the bell were kept in the mix it would no longer exist. Of course the excitement of the game is lessened when people are quiet but since this game is a blast why not make some concessions so you can play no matter the situation.

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“Get Some Card Sleeves~ A Party Game Tip”

Event though Pit isn’t a bank breaker, it will fall apart quickly as you are handing cards back and forth. I suggest getting some card sleeves (I prefer Fantasy Flight Game Sleeves), and protect your investment. You’d think a gamer like me would know to sleeve my games, but I thought… “Meh… it’s only PIT”. Two broken down games later (it got popular in my group), and I learned my lesson. Any game that requires passing from player to player quickly should be sleeved…. or buy a case of Pit wholesale, because it will crumble.

This is only a tip.

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“Don't hesitate to switch which commodity you're collecting”

It’s not uncommon in a game for a commodity to be undesired by all players and being traded away by everybody. It’s also not uncommon for somebody else to be trying to collect the same resource you are trying to collect.

If you find the same resources being passed around by multiple players, consider ditching the resource your collecting and trying to go for that resource. Be careful with trading your cards away, though. Trade them to different people so that it will take longer to end up with whoever else was trying to collect them.

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“Add an extra commodity”

Normally you play with a number of commodities equal to the number of players, plus optionally the bear and the bull. To shake things up a bit, and to make the game a bit more challenging, add one more commodity than the rules tell you to. One of the hardest things this adds is making sure you have a full hand of commodities because you have so many extra cards that aren’t that commodity. This can also create more outs for what commodity you can collect or even holding out on two commodities longer with the larger hand size before you pick which one to focus on collecting.

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“A couple of ways to win more often.”

This is a game that might get a bad rap for being short in the strategy department, but there is a way to win more times than not..

1. Organize your cards. Should be a no-brainer, but a lot of people don’t. This will allow you to make quicker decisions, often times the person who is able to get the goods out first gets the trade. More trades more chances to get what you want.

2. Have a plan, when you look at your hand quickly decide what you want to collect and trade away.

3. Pay attention to what is flying around, if your seeing a lot of one commodity, don’t be afraid to switch plans. Going out quickly with lower points a few times is just as good or better than going out with the highest points.

4. If you have trouble with people trading with you because your only trading one thing. Change it up, and announce as you bid that you have something different.

5. Remember if you have the extra card that there are only 9 of each suit. So if you are dealt ten in your hand you can still go out with 9 and the bull is bonus if it’s the tenth card.

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“For frequent players, consider occasionally playing with lower commodities”

If you play frequently, especially if you don’t use card sleeves, you’ll notice your cards will wear pretty badly. While I strongly recommend, card sleeves like Eric did, another thing I would recommend is to sometimes use the lowest point commodities instead of the highest point commodities, at least for more casual game where you’re not scoring points. This will spread the wear more evenly amongst the cards. Until I did this, I had half of my cards really worn and beaten up, and the other half of my cards were in pristine condition.

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“House Rule :: Accents”

Yep you heard right – play with accents!

I realize this makes absolutely no sense but man does it make for a hilarious night! Who doesn’t love trading in chaos AND sounding like they are from a distant land?!

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“Quieter Game”

Try instead of the bell, putting a spoon in the middle. This way when someone finishes, they grab the spoon. If they’re discrete, some people might continue trading! Who know who will end up with the Bear then!?

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“Chairs are not allowed!”

Play STANDING UP! NO CHAIRS ALLOWED! You are in a pit! It greatly energizes this game!

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Don’t play while the baby is sleeping, it will ruin your night.

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