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127 out of 170 gamers thought this was helpful

“BCIndy” has covered the rules and some of the fun (nice job BC!). Please go read that review first.

Anyhow, BC is correct this game does drip with theme, the card art is awesome and reminds one of “The deadliest catch” TV show. If you kick started this little gem the extras (fish meeples,casino, salty captains and Inuit fisherman) add loads more theme and a few interesting gaming options. My favorite the Wharf side Casino adds the luck of a die to the game and a sort of bizarre mental picture of anteing up at the poker table with a raw cod or tuna (all in matey!).

It’s an easy teach but the first few games will take a bit more time than listed to understand the rhythm of the game. As is with all new games being learned from the rule book. My suggestion to you would be to find some one to teach you or watch a few of the online play videos.

Extra note, Pay close attention to your licensees as they are key to building a well oiled fleet. Many of our games slowed due to missed card draws.

The game could use a little more interactivity between players other than just the auction phase.
In the end , any game I can get an unsolicited game play request for from my wife gets high marks in my library.

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54 out of 62 gamers thought this was helpful

This is an awesome addition to any serious gamers collection for many reasons.
1. It has beautiful components – everyone who sees the board is impressed with the asian art. The quality of the card stock is top notch and the pawn colors are easily distinguishable and complement the board art.
2. Relatively inexpensive- in a time when hobbyist board games cost upwards of 50 dollars this at 30 is a steal.
3. Easy and I mean EASY to learn
4. Even easier to teach…This is my filler and GO TO game for new gamers. You don’t want to bore them with lengthy rules explanations or intimidate during play with rules lawyering. Helps to promote the hobby
5. A good mix of luck (random draw of cards) and simple strategy (advance card play planning).
6. Quick game play usually leads to many repeated plays.

One variation on game play I like to introduce after a newer players are comfortable with the rules is once per game allow the placement of a tile on another players pawn.(Payback on the next game is usually the next course of action.)

Own this game you won’t be sorry.

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That's Life!

5 out of 17 gamers thought this was helpful

Easy to learn, offering non-gamers a taste of the European roll and move genre. Unlike some American roll and moves, That’s Life, presents several decisions to the gamer after the random roll of the dice. Do I leave the highly prized tile unprotected? Do I wait out my opponent? Do I move a guard and possibly create an issue for my opponent? These are only a few of the strategic choices the player will consider when controlling three
Much replay value with board construction and play variations listed in a clearly written and nicely illustrated manual.

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