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That’s Life! - Board Game Box Shot

That’s Life!

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This game is nominated for Spiel des Jahres in Germany under the ttitle Verflixxt! You just got onto the path to victory, and now you have to take this blasted card. But remain calm, because the game’s not over yet. The last card decides the winner here. Only then is the final scoring done. As the saying goes: He who laughs last, laughs best...

That's Life Board Game
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Reviewed My First Game
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“Great "beer and pretzels" game where luck + strategy = fun”

Easy to learn, offering non-gamers a taste of the European roll and move genre. Unlike some American roll and moves, That’s Life, presents several decisions to the gamer after the random roll of the dice. Do I leave the highly prized tile unprotected? Do I wait out my opponent? Do I move a guard and possibly create an issue for my opponent? These are only a few of the strategic choices the player will consider when controlling three
Much replay value with board construction and play variations listed in a clearly written and nicely illustrated manual.


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