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9 out of 9 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is a marriage of a number of different types of games:
1) A puzzle game
2) A strategy game
3) Tile placement game
4) Worker placement game(ish)
When combining different types of play you run the risk of congesting game play and bogging down the game with itself, but in the case of Enigma that doesn’t happen. All the game play elements work very well together creating a game that will challenge you with every decision. Game play works in the following manner:
The first player chooses a tile from one of the four different puzzle stacks. They are choosing based on the image on the top of the card of different types of conduits used to build and close electrical conduits to gain points.
Once the first player has chosen the other player/s choose in order, but only one of each type of puzzle can be chosen per turn limiting the game to four players. the types of puzzles are listed below:
1) Weights and measures: the player is assigned a certain number of wooden cubes representing “weights” to be used on a picture of a scale to balance both sides evenly (it’s trickier than it sounds)
2) Fragment puzzle: You’re presented a shadow image that you have to fill in using different shaped pieces
3)Conduit Puzzle: You have to connect and close off plumbing conduits with no open or blocked ends
4) Psychedelic colored block puzzle (not what it’s called, but how it seems!) You have to stack a series of colored blocks to form an image as viewed from above.

Once all the players have chosen a tile they simultaneously turn the tile to reveal their puzzle and begin to solve it. Once the first person solves their puzzle they then flip over the timer giving the remaining players 60 seconds to finish theirs. Once the timer runs out any players unable to solve their puzzle return the tiles to the bottom of the corresponding stack. The first player then “places” their tile wherever they choose as long as the tile they’re connecting to has an open conduit end. They then get to place their “worker” meeple on a conduit scoring points if the conduits is closed for each worker on the conduit. Play continues in this manner until a player reaches 15 points earning them the victory!

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I was impressed with how much strategy there really was in this game. I wasn’t expecting there to be much because I thought the game would focus more on the puzzle aspect, but when you get into building and closing conduits and choosing puzzles based on what other players have chosen as well as where you place your workers strategy is necessary. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not chess, but if you’re a strategy gamer I think you’ll enjoy it.
The puzzles are really fun as well. There are some that will make you want to throw them across the room, but you won’t rage quit because of them and with the number of them in the game you’ll be able to replay this quite a few times before memorization becomes a factor.
The one detractor is the theme. It’s pasted on and unnecessary. I love thematic games for the immersion they provide, but in the case of Enigma you’ll be immersed in the puzzles and decisions to be made so theme can go out the window.
I hope this review will help you in regards to Enigma. I’m new to review writing so forgive me if I’ve neglected anything otherwise enjoy gaming!

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16 out of 16 gamers thought this was helpful

Who doesn’t love plundering a pirate ship while it’s burning and the ghost of the dead pirate Captain and his henchmen try to kill you! The theme is furthered with the artwork on the modular tiles and the character sheets as well as the items you can use throughout the game.

The second aspect of the game that perked my interest were the mechanics. There are a number of them that are unique with some common ones thrown in as well. The board (pirate ship) is represented by randomly drawn modular tiles that play against a frame (ships hull) Modular boards are not unique, but what is unique about these is that each one has a “fire” level indicated on it by a colored square in the center. You then roll either a red or yellow D6(depending on the color of the square on the tile) to determine the fire level of that room. The fire level can have many effects. It can effect the “fatigue of the pirate trying to cross through it (more on this in a minute!) it can also cause casks of gunpowder to explode effectively closing surrounding rooms and destroying treasure around that room. There are cards that are drawn that can cause the fire level in a room to rise. These cards will have an image of a yellow or red square on them and that require you to raise the level in any room by one if they have the indicated colored die in them.
A character must be able to board and leave the ship with treasure without becoming “fatigued”. To track your fatigue each player has counter (looks like a clockface) with an arrow to indicate your fatigue level. Moving through rooms that are on fire requires you to lose fatigue. you can also opt to run, but that costs twice the amount of fatigue. Fatigue is also spent carrying treasure off the ship. Once you have gained treasure you can only walk and the burden caused more fatigue to be lost.

Over all I like this game. It has a fun theme and some unique mechanics, but it doesn’t seem to hit our table all that often. I thinks its primarily because it can be a bit fiddley dealing with the fatigue counter which is an important part of the strategy and planning for the players.

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Arkham Horror

36 out of 47 gamers thought this was helpful

First off this is my favorite game of all time. It’s the game that got me gaming. It’s the game that is so immersed in theme it literally oozes mythos from every pore and every gate that opens!
The biggest complaint I hear about it is how complex it is to learn and play and that may be, but with all the run throughs you can watch on you tube and game sites it makes learning this game way easier than in the past. For me the complexity is a high point as it helps ratchet up the tension and intrigue associated with Lovecraft’s stories!
My favorite aspect is the use of almost every story Lovecraft wrote (counting in the expansions) You find elements of these with each encounter you have. Maybe the Witch House is your first stop each time you play or maybe miskatonic U because you loved the stories?
IF you like Lovecraft you should play this game
IF you love Lovecraft you should play this game and the expansions
IF you like sci-fi, horror, suspense you should play this game
You should just stop reading now and play the game!

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