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“To enhance the theme”

I have found that if the king in yellow is added with other expansions it gets lost in the shuffle… To really get all this expansion has to offer follow the suggestions to add the cards to the top of the decks…. The King in Yellow is a truly thematic experience and should be allowed to shine!

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“A doom token or two isn't the end of the world”

Although it’s always painful, when using the King in Yellow Herald, to add a doom token due to the ‘the next Act’ cards and the terror level going up, but have you read the blight cards? They’re amazingly detrimental!

All in all, unless you’re close to losing the game, it’s probably better to add a doom token than risk one of the blights wrecking the game.

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“To blight or not to blight...”

Thematically this is my favorite “small box” expansion (although I’ve not played CotDP) and it definitely ramps up the difficulty depending on the mode you play it in. I’d recommend playing it in the “Touring” mode to get the most out of it otherwise it gets too diluted depending on how many other expansions you’re using. The touring mode places all the KiY cards on top of the existing ones (i.e. Mythos, encounter, common, unique, etc..) and really gives you the feeling of the King in Yellow play driving people insane in Arkham. If you’re a glutton for punishment you can add the herald to the game and play with Hastur as the Old one to really get your butt kicked!

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