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For Sale

131 out of 141 gamers thought this was helpful

Can you earn $15,000 with a cardboard box and 0$ with a space station? You can in For Sale!


For Sale is a great fast-pace, auction/bidding card game with a twist of strategic planning for entry level player as well as filler between game session that can be played in about 15-20 minutes.

Aim of the game is simple: buy low, sell high.

The game divide into 2 phases, 1) Bid for property on sale and 2) Sell your property for CA$H and who is the most profitable is the winner.

Game Play

Phase 1

Each round the property cards are dealt equal to numbers of players and player proceed to bid for the property. Each player is not forced to bid if they wish, pass that round and take the least price property or outbid your opponent for better property. However, if you decide to pass after making a bid half of your bid (round down) must be pay to the bank. This phase carry on until all properties are sold.

Word of advice: bid wisely and know when to back down otherwise other players will take advantage of it when you have no cash left to bid in the next round.

Phase 2

Each round follow the same pattern as the phase 1, Check card containing value from $0 to $15,000 is dealt at random equal to the number of players. Players then try to sell your property for the most cash. Highest number property sells for the highest value available and second highest earn the second highest value etc. Here is where your strategic planning comes into play.

Determine winner by totaling up the check value and the person with the most cash win.


Despite its simplicity the game does offer a unique yet light strategy that appeal even to a non-gamer (like my girlfriend). So do you go all out and try to bid the space station, which will surely net you the most in phase 2 but suffer from lack of cash to buy other property in auction of the subsequent round? Or spend little and obtain moderately price property but sell medium to high when check cards that were dealt carry not so great difference (15,000 14,000 and 13,000 etc) The possibilities are endless how you plan your strategy.
With it fail safe mechanic (that is what I like to call) each player still earn a property and half of the cash refunded if you unsuccessfully bid or pass, this does make a non-gamer (my girlfriend again) and beginner less frustrated.

Component wise the box is well design with colorful art, very sturdy. In side there are 3 storage compartments 2 for your cards and 1 for coin. Card compartment also design with consumer ease of use in mind because each card compartment has a hole so you can easily use your finger to take out the card with out resorting to flipping the box over.
Cards itself is high quality and made from thick high quality card stock.

Final Thought

Game that appeal to anyone in most situation. Whether it is non-gamer, entry level, experience player, starter, filler, party. You name it and it will probably fit in somewhere. Great game to have in you collection and for $25 I would say that it is a good investment.

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70 out of 93 gamers thought this was helpful

Carrying the concept of deck building from card to dice was great. Me and my brother we had great fun try to figure out which dice(cards) are the best for the situation. But with only 2 players when we first played we found that whoever goes first had a very large advantage.

Quarriors does require some form of strategies ( is it best to score my creatures now or keep attacking within to suppress the opponent chance of scoring a creatures? etc….but we also found that luck tend to play a major role in this game (pick up a dice with no monster while your opponent has summon so many that summon this turn now would just get destroy and waste you resource into summoning him)

Component wise, dice are in good quality and great design however a few defect were found which make it sometime quite hard to read the dice face. The rulebook is thorough and concise that from a couple of read through it is easy pick up the game and play. Example given at each stages in the rulebook is a big help in understanding a few complex rule.

Overall the game experience were positive and addictive which get us want to come back and play more with more players. However, as with any dice game this is luck base which offer some strategy but don’t expect too much.

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