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Article 27: The UN Security Council Game - Board Game Box Shot

Article 27: The UN Security Council Game

| Published: 2012
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It’s not easy being a member of the United Nations Security Council, but you were born for the challenge. Your country has chosen you to protect their interests. If that means you have to bend the rules a little bit, well that’s just he cost of justice, right?

Article 27 takes place in the not-too-distant future. You assume the role of one of the permanent members of the Security Council, which means you wield the power of the veto. No proposal can pass when a member uses their veto, so there had better be something in the deal for you!

Each player will take a turn as the leader of the Security Council and try to get a proposal passed. Negotiations can include side-deals, threats, or out-right influence-peddling! But once the gavel comes down it’s time to vote, and the other players might not live up to their end of the deal. (Oh… and yes, it comes with a real wooden stained gavel!)

In the end, the player who has earned the most influence points is the winner…and it’s rarely the most honorable!

Article 27 takes just 6 minutes per player to play, and it does not require any knowledge of politics or the United Nations to enjoy. If you like games of negotiation, you’ll love Article 27!

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