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Getaway Driver

6 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

An excellent little 2 player game. Play it fast and have fun, don’t over analyse it or over think it, it is a light-hearted game that easy to get into.

The rules are simple, sometimes they feel a little to simple I felt we get into it to easy and we must be doing something wrong, but we were not, the game really is that simple to play.
Place tiles, play cards do what each symbol says.

Its great that both sides (the police and the getaway car) play differently and have a different feel.

Really enjoyed playing it, fantastic 2 player game (with 2 boxes you can play a 4 player version) the included solo rules are a welcome treat too.

The components are great, neat little box with all the room for all the bits, The art is fantastic.

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Witch of Salem

3 out of 5 gamers thought this was helpful

A great cooperative game that is set in the Cthulhu universe.
Played it with 2 players and also have played it a couple of times solo (controlling multiple characters on my own) was great fun but I think it would really shine with 3 plus players.

We have lost more games than won, typical of a game set in this universe, but we have had fun each time we play it.

The bits are nice and all work well, it even comes with a ‘draw’ bag and it does not take up to much table space (it fits easy on a standard kitchen table, with room to spare)

All in all a fun ‘cheaper’ easier to learn ‘old ones’ board game that wants to be your friend but secretly hates you and laughs when you fail.. seriously, I swear I can hear the actual board laughing and mocking my behind my back.. lol

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5 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

I like the xcom universe. The game is fun, but i don’t play it often because it needs a didgital app.
I wish they bring out a deck of cards or something to replace the need for the app.

But the bits are great, you do get that x-com felling, and it is a great solo game too.
But yeah, whish we didn’t need the app, it would get played a lot more.

I have made myown ‘cards’ to try and remove the app. It kinda works, needs some more work though.

If you like the xcom computer game andbooks, you should get a kick out of this game.

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