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What are you playing this weekend? (12 July 2019)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 11-Jul-19 | 6 comments

This weekend we will be painting our guest bedroom, so probably no games for us. I hope everyone else enjoys some gaming!

What are you playing this weekend?

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For the week ending July 12-Grubs; Crazy 8s; Settlers-Rise of the Inkas; Splendor; New York Slice; A Dog’s Life.

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I played Overpower CCG!

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I play blue
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Friday: Dungeon Lords & Terraforming Mars
Saturday: Arkham Horror w/expansions & Peloponnes w/expansions

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Played Dark Domains, Wingspan, and Altiplano

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Friday – Pandemic w/On the Brink expansion x1
Friday – Legends of Andor x1
Sunday – DungeonQuest x3
Sunday – Tiny Epic Galaxies x2

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Super Marster Mind (1975).
Other than that, i got to work all weekend.
Look after the kids all week, then got to work all weekend, so much time taken away from my hobbies.. sad:(

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