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The Pirate’s Flag - Board Game Box Shot

The Pirate’s Flag

| Published: 2018
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The Pirate’s Flag is a dice-rolling, card-playing, capture the flag adventure! Battle through the Serpent’s Pass to capture the flag!

Game Setup

Each player takes the role of a unique Pirate Captain and commands a unique pirate ship to move through The Serpent’s Pass, gathering cards that will help them manipulate dice, modify rolls, and even move other ships!

With a captain and a ship selected, players will start just off the board in The Dread Sea. The flag starts in the Dread Captains ship in the opposite corner.

How to Play

Players will roll dice as they move their ships along the pass gathering supplies and battling for the flag! You must move the full number of spaces you roll in one direction; however you may choose which direction you want to move.

Every time you pass one of the docks, you’ll draw a card. Sometimes it might be more beneficial to drop back and gather supplies while your enemies come to you!

The cards you draw from docks can be played at any time, on any players turn. There’s no waiting until it’s your turn to be able to make choices or take actions. Every card in the game is unique so no two games will be the same.

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