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Witch of Salem - Board Game Box Shot

Witch of Salem

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Step back to early 20th Century New England. Here, the horrible "Great Old Ones" mysterious inhabitants of a dark, unfathomable void-seek entry into our world. One of their imprisoned overlords gathers them, just as his worldly servants open portals throughout Arkham for the coming onslaught. Only Salem's master witch, Robert Craven, holds the key to safeguarding mankind. He plans to gather a team of intrepid scholars to find the hidden portals and close them with powerful magic seals. The noble witch's elite team must battle the threat of madness, duel the dark servants, tackle mystical challenges, and face their ultimate nemesis: an unidentified Great Old One with an unknown and incalculable strength.

In "Witch of Salem," you step into the terrifying world of renowned storyteller Wolfgang Hohlbein, a mythos inspired by the tales of H. P. Lovecraft. You play one of the witch's scholarly allies. Working cooperatively with your cohorts, uncover the secrets of the Necronomicon, combat creeping insanity, defeat the coming Evil, and bar the Great Old Ones from exiting the inter-dimensional abyss.

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“Fun to play, Tough to beat.”

A great cooperative game that is set in the Cthulhu universe.
Played it with 2 players and also have played it a couple of times solo (controlling multiple characters on my own) was great fun but I think it would really shine with 3 plus players.

We have lost more games than won, typical of a game set in this universe, but we have had fun each time we play it.

The bits are nice and all work well, it even comes with a ‘draw’ bag and it does not take up to much table space (it fits easy on a standard kitchen table, with room to spare)

All in all a fun ‘cheaper’ easier to learn ‘old ones’ board game that wants to be your friend but secretly hates you and laughs when you fail.. seriously, I swear I can hear the actual board laughing and mocking my behind my back.. lol


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