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96 out of 153 gamers thought this was helpful

I have enjoyed this Game several times, and am delighted to own a copy. One of the best things about it, is that by the end, most players can easily be close in score, and upsets are quite possible.
This is due to the endgame scoring vs the in game scoring. In game you score for treasures used, and during the 3 scoring rounds, you can gain additional score from your envoys, and control of houses. During the endgame you score your rumors which multiply their bonus based on the repeats you have. That’s why people claim it’s like stone age. However, there’s a limit of 4 / multiplier.. so the 5th one makes a new set, plus they are less limited than stone age. This produces the effect that several people can get into the rumor “business” effectively.

Overall it’s a great game, and you shouldn’t count any player out till the end.

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Cthulhu Dice

33 out of 58 gamers thought this was helpful

Based loosely on the H.P. Lovecraft world, Cthulu Dice is a fun little filler or social game. Each player starts with 3 sanity, and is stiving to make sacrifices to the elder gods.. of the other players! Play is attack and response with 1 of 5 reuslts being shown on the die. Repeat player may want to copy the rules, so newcomers can decipher the die results.
It’s fun, espicailly with a group that gets into such games, and is easy enough for all ages.

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39 out of 50 gamers thought this was helpful

Return of the Fallen adds several things to the original game. Other than the new cards (with some escalated power and toughness), it adds the fate Mechanic, expands the base game to 6 players, and is capable of being played by itself.
The fate mechanic triggers when any fate card appears in the center row. Some cards help, some hurt, they all affect everyone..or no one.
The expansion doesn’t radically change the game, so if you liked it before, you’ll still enjoy it, and if you didn’t care for it, the expansion isn’t likely to make you change your mind.

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Zombie Dice

13 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombie Dice is a push your luck game. The dice have 3 symbols on them one that scores, one that counts against you, and the last that continues. The innovation here, is that not all the dice have the same breakdown of symbols. It plays quickly, is Easy to learn, and should be fun for all ages.

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7 Wonders: Leaders

8 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

The leaders expansion adds direction to your 7 wonders game. Each leader grants an advantage that shapes your strategy for the Game, and you get to select them in advance. A few are different enough to be tricky, but many let you exploit, or ignore a facte, helping you to focus on other areas. As with the base game, part of your success will still be differing your play from your neighbors

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