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Requesting games to add to

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 26-Aug-11 | 61 comments

[update 08-27-11] Thanks for all the requests! We’ve closed the comments so we can get to work on adding the requested games! Stay tuned for future game request articles. – Jim

Getting game info and photography directly from publishers is the IDEAL way for us to add games quickly. If you are a publisher, please contact us. If you have a favorite publisher, let them know about our site and ask them to contact us!

Happy requesting!

Here are the rules…

  • Each user can request the top 3 games they would like to see on the site… choose wisely!
  • If a game you want has already been requested by another user, write “+1” after your request, so we can more easily find games with multiple requests.
  • Make sure your requests aren’t already on the site
  • They must be games that are currently on sale, soon to be released, or soon to be reprinted
  • We can’t say the exact order games will be added, but games with multiple requests will be added sooner.
  • If we see a user requesting more than 3 games, their comment will be removed. It’s harsh I know, but we have to moderate this somehow, otherwise it could get out of control!

If anyone knows of a voting system (outside of this site) that could be used to streamline this process, please let us know. If you wanted to hold your own survey, and provide us with the results, even better! In the end, the less time we have to spend on other things, the more time we can spend on adding games and improving the site!

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