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44 out of 50 gamers thought this was helpful

From a dad’s point of view, this is a great “roll and move” board game. I play this game all the time with my 4 year old boy and we absolutely love it. The miniatures that come with this game are high quality and can take a beating. The dice mechanics of rolling are great for teaching him colors, numbers, and counting the pips on dice and spaces on the board.

After a while of playing, I noticed he started to understand the strategy with the d20 side dice versus the d6 sided. He now realizes that if he rolls the d6, he has a better chance at tackling a player, but not a good chance to run far as opposed to a d20 character. This is an excellent game for teaching probabilities, demonstrating gamesmanship, and spending time with you child. This game is not for everyone, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than kids (that’s why there are kids on the box playing this). The game plays are quick, around 20 minutes each. The games components are wonderful to look at and play.

You can alter the rules to this game very easy without taking too much away. We started off by putting our players in time-out when they got tackled or malfunctioned until he understood what it meant. After more plays, it is really easy to ramp up the rules and to not lose your kids attention. I recommend this game to anyone that has kids (ages 3-6, probably the best) and wants to introduce them to tabletop games.

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