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This weekend was the first time our dedicated board game group played Zombicide. Although I would consider the members of our group “avid gamers”, I was still impressed by the relatively short amount of time it took to cover the rules and set up the game.

The miniatures look great and match the character artwork perfectly. The painter of our group can’t wait to get started on the core characters!

The different character abilities lend to the cooperative nature of the game brilliantly. Players can strike out and explore the board in various groupings. For instance, the team could split into 2 groups, each consisting of a runner who dashes quickly to objectives, a ranged fighter who keeps waves of zombies off your backs, and a bruiser who busts down doors and paves the way on the backs of slayed zombies.
Communication between players is paramount, and imminent death feels more like martyrdom.

Pacing! The leveling system for players and zombie spawns keeps the game challenging and exciting. While you know the clock is ticking and that in time you’ll be overrun and overpowered by zombies, you still feel like your character is powerful enough to have a say in exactly when and how it will happen. At it’s best, you will find your team winning Zombicide feeling that you couldn’t have possibly survived another turn.

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