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31 out of 41 gamers thought this was helpful

I purchased this game after watching a play-through online. I was drawn in by the fantasy theme, the “choose your own adventure” story-telling, and the dice battling mechanics. The overall gameplay is great. It seems like it might be a complicated game to learn, however after a round or two you feel like a seasoned pro. You either choose an adventurer or a villain and choose scenarios to shape a story. Each choice can affect what outcome takes place as well as what attributes are strongest for that story. Dice are added dependent on which modifiers are prevalent to the section of adventure. Players can then use special cards and abilities to strengthen their dice rolls. Essentially whomever has the larger dice roll wins the round. During the adventure players can level up skills or minions and obtain treasures or traps. The components of the game are very nice as well. The cards have fantastic art, the dice are great, and the box does a nice job of storing all the pieces together. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves a good fantasy themed dice game. I also learned that 2 expansions are going to be released which makes for an even deeper experience and greater replayability.

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King of Tokyo

26 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

I purchased this game for my son with little expectations for it. WRONG. This game is great. My wife and my other son quickly wanted to join in and we had ourselves a full on battle for Tokyo. Everybody starts with a monster similar to old Japanese monster movies and an HP & Level counter. Then they take turns rolling dice to score victory points, collecting energy cubes, healing and attacking. Energy cubes can be used to trigger special perks, such as extra dice rolls, attacking strengths and extra victory points. The first one to 20 victory points or the last monster standing wins the game. The game is simple enough that my boys (5 & 6) can play with a little help and even more fun to keep us coming back for more. I highly recommend this game, you will not be disappointed.

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