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“"Please sir, I want some more"”

Bonus chips are awarded to the player who submits the winning answer (closest without going over). When choosing a number that has a high chance of being psychologically comfortable, and therefore likely duplicated, add 1 to that number (ie. 1951 instead of 1950, $100,001 instead $100,000). This assumes that the other players will quickly write down the first number they feel is close, usually rounded, and you will have a good chance of cutting their range off if they DO pick the same original number.

Pay attention if other players pick up on this and then adapt by adding 2 or even 3 instead!

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“Increase payout for exactly correct answer”

First, there are two official rules to this game. The first version pays one blue chip for the answer(s) that is closest to the correct one without going over. The 2nd edition pays 3 red chips instead.

Our house rule is to reward the player/team that happens to get the correct answer with ~triple the payout (3 blue chips for 1ed, 2 blue chips for 2ed). This doesn’t always happen in a game, but it’s a major bonus for the rare times it does – chips and an ego boost for getting something obscure right!

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“Push the odds into your favor”

If you know the exact answer (or know within a relatively small range). Guess a number that will be an outlier.

If you have a pretty good idea of the answer, trying to get it exactly correct can be hard, and often be your downfall. If you, and another person have similar answers it can hurt your payout, or complicate which one you should bet on if they are close enough and often, you end up losing. I can’t tell you how often my “exact answer” been one point too big, or one year late, causing me to to lose. But, if you throw off the odds you can then sit back and bet on the range where your answer lies.

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“Don't put all of your blocks in one basket”

It pays to spread out your wagers, even if you are confident that your answer is the correct one. If you have a reasonably good feeling that the closest answer without going over is in a good payout bracket, consider putting an extra chip down to gain more in the long run. If you lose, you’re out a chip. If you win with it, you’ll usually rake in the chips.

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“Mind the gaps”

If you have no clue about the correct answer, play the odds and look for big gaps. For example, if the question is “In what year was Silly Putty invented?”

and the responses are

The biggest gap is between 1920 and 1960, so it’s worth a try.

BTW, the correct answer is 1943.

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“Scoring Incentive ”

Just to add a little bit to the game (and we have a few who will put ridiculous answers) we made the answer card count as an actual chip. So if your answer card was closest answer without going over then you would be rewarded with the actual chip reward of 3:1 or 5:1 or whatever the reward may be. Adds a little bit more to the game and causes people to put a little bit more into their answering of the questions.

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“Scoring Incentive #2”

In Wits & Wagers everyone is guessing at some random question with a numerical answer. For instance, What was Mike Tyson’s weight for his first Heavy Weight Championship Bout? Everyone guesses some random number and whoever is closest without going over gets… NOTHING!?!?! It’s the people who “Wager” on the correct answer that get the reward.

With this scoring variant the person with the correct answer also gets a chip to add to their pile. This is in addition to any chips they may have won by wagering on their own correct answer. A nice little incentive.

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