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Tips & Strategies (3)

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After playing this the first time, I must admit I was a little disappointed. We played only 2 persons and agreed in the end more is better. More players means you get to interfeer with the others plans.

2 simply was just not enough…

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“Tracking Actions”

If you’re like us you could use some help remembering how many actions you’ve taken. I kept the cardboard pieces I popped out of the player board bays and use those for action trackers. We never forget how many actions we’ve taken any more!

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“Upgrades: 1 Drill and 2 Cargo Bays”

It was pointed out to me that if you get the Drill Upgrade (double drilling power) you have to get 4 Storage Bays.

When you drill twice in over 2 non-rock areas you will fill up both cargo bays at once. However if you have 3 bays, one of the elements you could be getting gets left behind.

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