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45 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

In Undermining each player steer a UMV, trying to gather elements to forfil contracts in order to gain points.

The game is action based, each player have a basis of three actions per turn. There are a number of ways to get more actions to get ahead of the other players.
Of course an action is to move and drill with the UMV, but also it is possible to move elements from the UMVee to the storage area, satisfy a contract, buy an upgrade or charge the battery.

The components of the game are high quality, both the game board, the tokens and the player boards are very nice.

Once the board have been set the game is very straight forward. Actually, once we used the set-up page, we went forward without the rulebook since it is so intuitive. This asspect both make the game easy to learn but also makes it less apeelling to experienced players.

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Firefly: The Game

67 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

First time I played the Firefly game, I had not watched the TV show, but I enjoyed the game so much that I had to see what it was based on, and I was sold by the first episode!

Every player get their own ship and a captain. Then the objective is to gather a crew, complete assignments and thereby gather money.
Beside the assignments issued by the five different dealers in the game, there is a main story that by completion, one win the game. Completing assignments for each for the dealers also gives different benefits. Besides the dealers there are also different sales places where opgrades can be purchased, which can make the assignments easier or make the ship better.

Det koncept of the game is great, but it as a steep learning curve. The first game takes a long time, it was estimated to 2-3 hours but we used approximately 6-7 hours, but it is worth it!

I love playing this game, and I look forward to trying out some of the expantions!

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71 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

The objective of the game is to get out of a temple before the time is up.
The running back and forth to find the exit, but also collecting diamonds to be able to get out of the temple.

With people rolling and rolling and rolling dice, it is almost impossible to coordinate usage of all the dice.
Also the time track that comes with the game is insane.. In the basic time track, they want the players to return to the starting room twice… It is almost impossible to get back and find the exit room, so we actually wind up just using a stop watch instead of the soundtrack.

Generally the game can be fun enough, but I find it way to stressing..

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Dungeon Roll

52 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

The idea is really good, but the game just hits a wall after a few games.

Of the basic characters there are some that does way better than others. This makes an unfair advantage for some players, but also makes it clear which player may win. Usually the first dungeon run tells alot about how far a player can get. In generally it is too hard to get further than dungeon 5 or maybe 6.

The first game is okay, but it gets borring after a play or two.

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87 out of 140 gamers thought this was helpful

I love the concept of the game, the idea with using an App as game master but also allowing a player to be GM is brilliant.

The game has a quite steep learning curve, but once the mechanisms are running it is really fun.
In the beginning it is generally about finding a system to deduct the ingrediens that makes sense, otherwise it becomes really hard.

We have only been playing the novice version, but even that I find is brilliant.

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Castle Panic

63 out of 85 gamers thought this was helpful

After seeing this a couple of places, I decided to buy it, and I didn’t regret it.
Often we play in a group of four people, and Castle Panic is a great small game, that can be quickly learned and played. Usually we win though, but we desided to set other goals for our selfs, to make the game harder, e.g. must win with 4 towers or no towers may be destroyed.

I think it is great fun, since something mayham can happen in very few turns, and we’ve had some great laughs.

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51 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

I picked this game because I love rolling dice, but after playing Quarriors a couple of times, I find it really dull.
Generally we always wind up taking turns to get points, and sometimes is very predictable.

Also I find the way of choosing monsters, gives problems if the set mainly contain monsters with a high cost which means, maybe one player can get a die, but really we wind up playing only with the starting monsters.
When we bought the game, we thought all 130 dice were to be used, but were quite disappointed by the mechanism.

I suppose it can be fun for some, I just didn’t get it.

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