Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. Unboxes: Mars Attacks – The Dice Game

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 22-Sep-15 | 2 comments

Check out the latest video in our Unboxes series to get a close look at Mars Attacks: The Dice Game by Steve Jackson Games.

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I saw this game played yesterday by three engineering students. It was great fun and they laughed alot even though they found out they had been playing the game a little wrong.
I haven’t seen or tried the card game (I assume there is a card game since it is called ‘The Dice Game’) but the dice game is alot of quick fun, that is for sure 😀

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I like the addition of cards and tokens. I think they may give Mars Attacks: The Dice Game distinction from Zombie Dice, Martian Dice, and other Steve Jackson titles.

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