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Ender’s Game Battle School - Board Game Box Shot

Ender’s Game Battle School

| Published: 2013
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Based on the epic movie from Summit Entertainment and director Gavin Hood (from the Orson Scott Card novel) comes a board game of combat in the null gravity arena of the International Fleet’s Battle School.

Two fierce rivals square off to see who has the best strategy and the steadiest trigger finger: Ender Wiggin and his Dragon Team or Bonzo Madrid and his Salamander Team. Characters maneuver around the null gravity arena with various amounts of control over where they will end up each time they move. When you move, you don’t stop until something, or someone, gets in your way. Teamwork is key! Win by capturing your opponents’ gates or by freezing all of his units with your laser-light guns. Dice are used to resolve combat, but strategy and tactics will rule the day.

Ender's Game Battle School board game components
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  • Based on the movie that will kick off the 2013 holiday season, Ender’s Game.
  • Play as one of the two main characters from the movie!
  • Different Commander abilities makes for great replayability!
  • Star terrain pieces allow for customizing the arena. No two battles will be the same!
  • Easy to learn rules!

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“Forcing ain't fun”

This is a simple to learn gamw. While that can be a good thing it can also be bad if that easy teachability is due to restricted play as here. If you have seen the movie read on. If not: STOP! Ahead is a movie spoiler. Read at your own peril. The game is based on the part of the movie involving the gravity trining Ender and friends learn by playing a sort of war game in zero gravity. I highly recommend you skip this game and if you must play it, borrow a friend’s copy. The captain of each team gets to choose which of 2 powers he will play with. Unfortunately, my big complaint is that for the sake of “movie accuracy” the game is designed in a manner so that Ender wins. In my case I consistently wiped out Ender’s team with minimal or no losses only to have the Ender piece single handedly wipe my entire team out. Dice are involved, but my rolling was average (normal hit/miss ratio with occasional lucky hits or woeful misses, but it just doesn’t matter! Ender should always win. I recommend you find any other game immediately.


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