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“No cards of the same shape and same color”

No regular cards are identical, so if you have a yellow card, and an opponent has a yellow card, DON’T GRAB! They can’t possibly be the same shape.

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“Track the cards”

After one of the special cards is played, try to track where this cards goes and be especially ready when the player who received it is about to play a card. This can be extremely helpful if said player is about to run out of cards and you haven’t seen the special card yet.

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“On ties”

The rules of Jungle Speed are pretty poorly worded regarding ties. The variation my house uses is:

1. If one player has more fingers on the totem, that player wins.

2. If both have the same number of fingers on, the player who has their hand on top (physically wrapped around) the other player’s loses.

3. If both have the same number of fingers and neither hand is wrapped around the other, the player who is lower down on the totem (closer to the ground) win.

In the game rules I believe numbers 2 and 3 are switched, which doesn’t make much sense.

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“Short nails”

Our house has a rule: if you want to play Jungle Speed you either cut your nails or wear gloves. Many a hand has been left with finger-nail scrapes.

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“Tournament rules”

I know, that rules including EVERY form of “totem-fight” are more funny and diversify interaction, but during tournament often there’s no time for it, and what’s more important – this is not wrestling, only emergence of the most slick player 😉

1. Duel is won by person, who has more fingers on totem.
2. If number of figers is the same, the winner is who’s fingers are lower.
3. Player, who fall totem gain all cards from the table.
4. Player, who make a misteke (gain totem and doesn’t have valid duel) – gain all cards too.
5. When player’s last card is a speciall card (with function) player again must gain all cards from the table.
6. Player, who has his ALL cards exposed (any card on his hand), MUST to win the duel of special card, what let everybody gain totem and put the winner’s exposed cards under it. If that player loose – he must gain all cards from the table.
7. Winner of game is player, who doesn’t have any card on his hand and exposed cards.

Suggestion is to organize few tables and specimens of game, and play at the same time at every table. Then, 1-st and 2-nd places pass to next stage, until the last game, what will reveal the winner. Best way to separate players to other tables is a draw. Don’t forget about a juge (or two, if it’s possible), who will mitigate disputations.

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“5 or more players - BUY THE EXPANSION”

If you plan on using this as a party game, with a larger crowd, most DEFINITELY get the expansion (Jungle Speed: The Extreme Expansion).

We found that the base game seemed to deal out enough cards for around 4 people, but over that each person’s hand was a bit thin, in my opinion (unless you really want some people to be eliminated faster, it’s all up to personal preference, but we enjoy the game very much). This doubles the number of cards.

The expansion adds some new variations to the existing cards/designs as well as two new “wild” cards that add to the gameplay. Part of the fun of the game is watching people mistake something for a match, because it is so close… but not quite. This expansion adds to that, and also helps to keep the game fresh.

Never have seen this set in many stores (I Found it in a local gaming store here that I hate to shop at, but I bought it anyhow since I didn’t see it anywhere else except online). Target and Walmart both carry the original game, but I haven’t seen the expansion there. It’s worth hunting down, imo.

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“runnnn runnn ”

place the totem in the other part of the room or home.

yes its dengerous and fun xD

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