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13 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

Cooperative game for 3 or 4 players. I’ve an opportunity to try it before premiere and express my opinion. There’s many solutions, not so often to recognize to other games – most striking is that only one person loose (this game won’t be right for people, who don’t like negative interaction) and players in fact can decide, who will loose. Player’s claim is gain as many as possible unique letters form making quest (direct) and commons from help during quest. There’s nothing strange in situations, that you’re blocked by other player, because he doesn’t want to let you gain a unique letter (ofc he want to gain it). It may provide problems, especially that this game requires cooperation. In addition every character (drawn at the beginig) has his own special ability, what may be useful during making quests, or thwart other players.
Element, what push forward the game, is making quests in random locations – we need to have special items to do it (other for every quest, we can find them in individual locations). Almost never we’re able to do it alone. Sometimes we need to agree for some compromise, but we musn’t forget about build our possistion – we need to be always in the centre of action, because when other players decide, that we’re most useless, in the next vote we’ll become a Scapegoat (player who not get any letter in direct turn). Sometimes – it can be usefull to prepare for do quest in next turn (extra action), but we must be sure, that in this turn other players are not able to do any quest. The worst (for both sides), is stuck in goat’s role and stay behind other players. Then – that player becomes a real impediment, but can’t do anything by himself.
I think, that is it worth to play. As I said – game use many innovations, and that could be nice variety for bored gamers 😉

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One of my favourite games – I’m able to play it even if I not have enough phisical or mental power, for longer and more demanding games. But always stay the satsfaction of spent time 😉
It’s not difficult to learn. Ofc, if you have some problems with coordination, you musn’t swear to the game.
As faser is the game, as more fun it can bring ;)Sometimes, you’re not sure, that really cards are the same, but more often is more profitable to loose one duel, that gain all cards from table when you make a mistake. One thing we need to remember – there’s no the same figure in the same colour – at the beginig it’s really helpull to refreshing this rule in your mind.
Often people do not want to play we me, because of my long and hard nails 😛 They’re right. During duels I’ve lost MANY nails!

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10 out of 27 gamers thought this was helpful

I love all Battlestar games, but my first impression was, that it’s to much complicated for entertaiment we can get from it. After few games I started to understand, that I was wrong, coz it only need a little patient.
Exodus – Imo, better than Pegasus, although makes game more difficult for human players. Provide more emotions, when we can see all this cylon ships catching us ;)And finally, pilots show their advantages (my favourite character is Kara Starbuck, who (rule!! :D) many, many times proved necessery ;>) Next part – allies and trauma tokens. Possibility to character’s death! I’ll always remember that epic moments, provided f.ex. by “splash” in Ambu, what killed the cylon, or good/bad trauma placed on allie, who’s strategy point in that moment. Generally, game become much more differential and addictive. Only one problem can be to learn all new rules, but I think it is worth.

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