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Sky Traders

6 out of 13 gamers thought this was helpful

Hi there,

me and my friends played this game 3 times right now and we love it 🙂
you can play it like a good person you are or just take your dark pirate side and start taking out others, we love to trade and argue about goods and stuff, really good game 4 friends and some laughs 🙂
you can also play it like a strategy guy and own the sky.
if i would compare this game its like a mix of Catan and something but still dont know whats the other part 😀
if you are searching for a 5 player game this one is pretty worth it.
the parts are good material and you can paint the characters as they are big enaugh.
the first time we playet it, the game lasted pretty long but the enxt ones were more fun and less time needing.
i feel this game is different every time we play it as you change your strategy as the game goes forward and your “friends” show their real face and wreck your entire ship and LOL hard at you. ;(

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