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Tips & Strategies (5)

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“A great way to learn how to play”

You can play Haggis online at It’s a great way to learn the rules, make sure that you’re playing them correctly, and hone your skills. If you’re looking to see how the game works, but worried about losing to experienced players, I’d recommend watching some replays of games between highly ranked players; that should give you a good idea of the mechanisms of play – as well as some of the strategies and tactics you’ll want to try. Have fun!

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“Don't hold onto your hand!”

New players will frequently line up their cards into great runs and sets, only to find that they never get the chance to play them.

So don’t be afraid to break up those runs in order to make a bigger set, or destroy a set to create a run. Do what you have to do to get the lead.

You can’t win if you aren’t playing 😉

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“Keeping Bombs”

It’s very tempting to use a large bomb early; but keep them in hand. That, or a well lined up large set, can take an opponent off-guard if played after lots of smaller sets. A large bomb is safer than a large set, often you may bet stuck with a large set and be forced to break it up.

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“Separate those bomb cards...”

When you first get your hand of cards, look for the bomb cards – the 3,5,7,9 of four different suits, or all of the same suit, then move those cards to one side.

This will help prevent playing one of those cards in response to a sequence or a set and breaking up your bomb.

It’s extrememly frustrating to get ready to drop a bomb on your opponent only to realize you played that 7 on the last trick and now have a useless 3 5 and 9 in your hand!

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“Don't bet the first few times you play”

Betting/bidding is optional. I recommend that you don’t include this part of the game until you have the hang of the rest of the game.

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