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“Never underestimate the power of healing ”

Many times rounds of this game can end very quickly or come down to 1 or 2 points between a win and a lose.

Don’t go all out on the offensive straight away, think, a sneaky heal in your beginning spell could be all that you need to gain the advantage over your opponent as you can heal higher than your starting health.

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“Making voices count”

This game is amazing, and absolutely ridiculous. One part I feel is really underutilized though is the EPIC WIZARD VOICES.

I know the rules said that players can choose a punishment if you fail to cast your spell in your voice, and this is what my group game up with to give it an impact on game play. If you fail to cast your spell in your wizard voice you lose a random component. you only forget once, usually cause it leaves you standing a little weak on your knees.

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“The Bumbling Wizard Strategem”

Epic Spell Wars is fun, fast, and hilarious… and sometimes in order to win, you have to lose a bit. That may sound strange, but the thing with this game is that if you come out swinging hard every round, the other players may decide to team up against the common foe (you). The next thing you know, you’re collecting dead wizard cards as your friends battle it out over your wizard’s smoldering remains.

A time honored trick used by the likes of Gandalf, Dumbledore, and countless other famous wizards is… play the fool. If you’re confident that you can afford to take a few lumps for a round or two, play a few weaker spell combinations. You may even want to make a deliberate “mistake” by playing a spell that appears poorly thought out. When you do, play it up (convincingly, don’t overdo it). If it works, your opponents will be focused on each other and then you can hold that really kick-butt awesome spell to finish one or more of them off in a moment of weakness.

Of course, don’t overplay this trick. Like bluffing in poker, if you’re the wizard who cried fireball one too many times, people won’t fall for it. They may even decide to blast you with Old Scratch’s Festering Testikill just for spite.

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“Glyph Order”

I have found that I tend to do better when I play more Arcane and Primal glyph components earlier in the game, and then Dark and Elemental to close out. The thought is to heal up and gain treasure earlier in the round and then finish strong with some power spells.

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“3 Player Game”

When only playing with 3 people as I find I do more and more, instead of winning 2 battles we now have to win three battles. There are enough last wizard standing tokens to support the longer game for 3 players.

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“The power of two card spells”

Those with one card spells go first, those with two go next and those with the max of three compare initiative on the Delivery card.

If you’re hurting and looks like death is imminent, play a one or two card spell (assuming it deals some hefty damage or helps you heal) so you can take your turn sooner and hopefully survive.

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“Wild Magic”

If you’re in a good position to deal a bunch of damage to everyone else (have the Thai Foon spell for example), use a Wild Magic card in the Delivery slot. Initiative is zero and you can then flip through the deck to place the first Delivery card you encounter onto your spell.

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“Want more treasure mayhem?! ”

One thing we’ve noticed in playing this game is that the treasure deck barely gets touched. This is shame seeing as the treasures can add a cool and powerful twist to the round (and are usually the most hilarious cards)!

To remedy this, my wife and I “evoke” the house rule of everyone getting to draw 1 free treasure card each at the beginning of the round. Everything else proceeds as normal. It doesn’t noticeably unbalance the game… just makes it more chaotic!!

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