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Cthulhu Fluxx

83 out of 120 gamers thought this was helpful

Start with a simpler version of fluxx. Any other version will do (probably)

I love fluxx, so do my friends, we play it nearly every game night we have! But I made the mistake of buying this as my first steps in to the looney lab and found my self over powered by its complexity of investigators, doom count and other lovecraftian borisness. This nearly ruined the entire franchise for me and my friends it took a lot of convincing that the other versions were much better. Don’t get me wrong I love choas and randomness in games and fluxx excels at it but Cthulhu fluxx? Not for me, so much infact I gave it away to a friend who didn’t have a game of fluxx but a strong love for Cthulhu with the stern warning of how much I didn’t like it and the next day I went out and bought pirate fluxx and had much more fun.

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84 out of 123 gamers thought this was helpful

After playing the old Tsuro in a large group and loving it, I found when playing in a smaller group or just a 2 player it was lacking up until the board became quite full of tiles. The Daikaiju that Tsuro of the sea throw in to the mix makes smaller games much more challenging and in turn much more fun!

If you are on the fence over which version of Tsuro to buy I would recomend this version as it has enough wake tiles so it can be played as a standard game of Tsuro or if you want more of a challege you have the choice to add in the Daikaiju.

The expension to this game Tsuro Veterans of the Sea, although does not add many diffrent types of cards (4) several Cannons, a tidal wave, a magic portal and a wirlpool. It does adds further variation through expansion to the game for great replay value.

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