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“Unlock Green Sigils First”

It took me a few games (and killing us all) to realize how detrimental it was to be short a die. If you have a mission locking a green sigil, concentrate on completing that one first.

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“Exploit your Medium”

I always put the Medium character as my third or fourth investigator: whenever it’s possible I use the others before her to open a portal, then send her. The two free bonus dice work wonders… and the otherworldly locations very often have Elder Signs.

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“Having a rough time? Try my "beginner" mode”

I was having a rough time getting traction in this game until I stumbled upon this investigative team, in this order:

Harvey Walters
Amanda Sharpe
Vincent Lee
Carolyn Fern

Actually, I simply recommend that Harvey and Amanda both go before Vincent and Carolyn. It doesn’t matter which one of the pair go before the other in each group.

Old Harvey is useful on adventures heavy on lore. He can turn one terror into a lore, doubling your chances to pick up a lore on every attempt. Just be sure to keep him away from adventures with high stamina consequences! He only has three stamina, but makes up for it with 7 sanity.

Amanda can complete multiple objectives in one go. I use her when there are a couple of objectives with low completion costs. More often then not, she can take care of more than one at a time. After all, the more glyphs you roll the higher chance you will pick up ones you need, and you will never roll more glyphs then on your first attempt.

Vincent gets to give one investigator a stamina back each turn, and Carolyn does the same with sanity. It is like having two investigators camp at the entrance without losing any turns.

I use random teams now, but this group helped me learn how to play the game with the least amount of effort. There is still some challenge, but I found it cut down a good deal.

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“Hound those "Midnight" locations!”

I’ve found that my chances to win get much better if I always go after the Midnight event locations: let them slide and likely ALL your party will get a detrimental effect. Go after them first!

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“Go with the Girls”

Playing Elder Signs and trying to defeat Cthulhu can be very difficult. I suggest an all girl team.
Take Jenny Barnes and have her go first – her ability to use items to roll the red and yellow dice is very important.
Kate Winthrop is immune to terror and should be used to try to complete any of the terror quests.
Amanda Sharp can complete any number of quests so be sure to have her do the quests that have several items.
Mandy Thompson and her ability to re-roll dice is also useful.

Don’t skimp on using your items or abilities. To make the clock move a bit slower sometimes I play with just three – if I do this I remove Mandy. Good luck and stay out of the water.

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“Get the expansions”

If you are tired of the base game and the Great Old ones it offers – go for the expansions. Both Dark Pharaoh and Cthulhu expansions provide a completely new experience of the game with a multi-tiered adventure, new mechanics (different in both adventures) and incredible level of challenge.

I was scoffing at these as a money grab but now cannot recommend high enough. If you enjoy the base game you will love the expansions.

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“My "Other World" Ghostbusters: Monterey Jack & Gloria Goldberg”

Recently, I have been putting Monterey Jack in the first position and Gloria Goldberg in the third position.

For me, Monterey packs enough of a whallop to clear a room that has an “Other World” icon on it. Gloria gets an automatic red and yellow die when she battles in an Other World location, which makes her a formidable Mythos foe.

If Monterey doesn’t open the portal on his turn, you’ve got another chance with your position two investigator (or two chances if you put Gloria last).

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“Just One Healer”

Try to pick a team where you only HAVE to use the Doctor OR Psycologist. A team high to medium in health normally wont need a Doctor, but will be going crazy for a Psycologist.

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“Doctor and Psychologist is a must”

For the easy team take both the doctor and the Psychologist and it will make the game much easier to win.

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“Best person”

The best person in my opinion is the mage.

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“Amazon app store”

I recently got a Amazon Kindle Fire to replace my old-refurbished Samsung tablet and nook. I was worried about the availability of some of my favorite apps, but Elder Sign is in the amazon app store! (also Smallworld, Imperial Assault, and Splendor!)

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