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“Trun-matic experience”

If you have 5 alien menace tokens, you can take a single ship into battle and force it into a Crushing Victory if you are playing the Trun. All you have to worry about is that the Resistance actually rolls one too…. Anyhow, a quick, desperate victory might help you win the game.

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“Ultimate toughness!”

I played as the Trun tonight, and was initially a little bummed because their ability didn’t look as fun or interesting as some of the others….. but I was wrong! It’s fun to be so tough, it’s fun to get to roll and sometimes survive a fight after you’ve lost, and it’s fun to be able to turn an “almost” into a crushing victory! Don’t forget to spend a few actions building up alien menace tokens, and you’ll be a nearly unstable force to be reckoned with, blazing a trail of devastation through the lands of the puny humans… Mwahahahaha!

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“Fishmen of Atlorak a little bit Broken”

This is one of the problem races. Their +1 strength on a water location is useless as there aren’t any water locations in the base game. Probably something that will be fixed in an expansion.

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“Check out the soundtrack!”

This game comes with a fun soundtrack with retro style music reminescent of alien space battles and anthems. Not only does it help set the mood for this game and add a little flavor to the alien races (the soundtrack names mention the alien races from the game), but the soundtrack can be a great addition when playing other space games such as Cosmic Encounter or Space Alert as well.

Try it out in the background with your favorite space-themed games, or select a few tracks from it to include on a mix that best suits your taste. Adding a little music can be an easy but effective way to help set the mood for a great space game night!

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