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16 out of 29 gamers thought this was helpful

You can understand why a near perfect replica of Love Letter has been reproduced with the (BOY?) theme of Batman (+ robin) and the baddies from gotham city. Here we see THE JOKER playing the part of the princess card. We also have Bane, Poison Ivy, Harley quinn, catwoman & Two face.

The old red cubes are replaced with bat signal tokens (which are pretty **** cool) – It’s the first to 7 tokens wins!

If you love LOVE LETTER you’ll love this. Is it worth buying the same game with a different theme? **** Yeah KERPOW!!!!!

Go to the Ticket to Ride Pocket page
63 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

Having owned Ticket to ride Europe in the past I was looking to get the original ticket to ride.

If you want some filler 1 player gaming well look no further than the Digital copy! You can play against 1 to 3 other computer run opponents. I don’t need to tell anyone how this plays as you ALL know!

Great scoring updating and a whistle when it’s your turned is sounded. The laying of the tracks can be a bit fiddly on the i-phone (which is what I play it on) but ok – It looks fantastic and is a really good conversion!

Really enjoy this. Recommended.

If I was going to have a game night though I think I’d play the physical board version.

Go to the Carcassonne (iOS) page

Carcassonne (iOS)

99 out of 127 gamers thought this was helpful

I have owned Carcassonne the board game and it is a great game, but constant updating of the scoring each turn and the sometime confusion with the farming meeple/tiles scoring at the end can get a bit tedious.
The digital version however is so much simpler.
It has a great 1 player option where you can play against different computer characters (with their own varying degrees of AI)
For me it was the scoring that made this a big HIT with me.
I find no sooner had I finished a game I was ready for another.

The board version is great…… but for me this is better.

Looking forward to trying it against others with the app.

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Elder Sign: Omens

55 out of 104 gamers thought this was helpful

I saw that the board game was popular and thought I’d give the phone App a go before laying out the cash. Well glad I did as this is rubbish! I had trouble understanding the purpose of this game. It all comes down to luck of the signs that come up on each of your tasks. I never got near completing many of the tasks and I simply got bored with it very quick. I hope the board game is better BUT I doubt I’d bother with that now.

I’ve deleted the game from my phone now.

Looks great plays poor. All luck.

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The Game of Jaws

8 out of 13 gamers thought this was helpful

Der der der der.. or however the jaws theme went.

This is the game based on the film.

Retro gaming at it’s best in the 70’s!

I had this as a kid, I thought it was better than Buckeroo!

The game is based on balance of the items in the sharks mouth. One false move with removing an item and the sharks jaw closes and catches your hook.
Great fun as a kid. As an adult??? mmmm? maybe if you played with a kids, but making the aduly only table? No Chance.

One for Retro gamers.

Go to the Sheriff of Nottingham page
91 out of 101 gamers thought this was helpful

This has got to be my Bluffing game of 2014.

Simple to learn and play.

On each turn one player becomes the Sheriff of nottingham at the gates of the castle and decides whether to search the incoming merchants bags or not. Those merchant Players must select some goods from the cards they hold (must be of the same type, Chickens, bread, cheese or apples, each with their own values)and put them into their coloured bag and seal.
There are also contraband cards that they may decide to add to the bag before sealing. This is the crux of the game. The more contraband you get past the sheriff the higher the cash in value you get at the end of the game.

The neat part for the sheriif is does he trust you to be telling the truth? If you say you have 4 apples and the sheriff dicides to pop open your bag, then the sheriff will have to pay a price for stopping such an innocent merchant. If on the other hand he catches you with contaband. That is confiscated and the merchant pays the sheriff an amount of money shown on the card.
Each card in the game has a value and a different value if you’re caught.
At the end of the game all values are added up and the highest wins.
I have played this as a 5 player game, you each get to be the sheriff twice and it is hilarious. You are allowed to bride each other and even to get the sheriff to open someone elses bag.
The bags are an important part of the game. Each player will say what they have an the sheriff decides who passes or stops and POP goes the bag. BUSTED! or not.
This really is a great party game and I can see this getting played alot!
highly recommended!!!!

Go to the 221B Baker Street: The Sherlock Holmes Master Detective Game page
19 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

If you are familiar with Cluedo then you’re halfway knowing how this plays. The difference being that there are no clue cards to shuffle as each game runs from a preset story. Each of the fourteen locations may give a clue to the answers required to win the game. which could be WHO is the murderer, WHY was it commited and HOW? There may be a different outcome of reasons in each story.
We have played this as 4 player quite afew times and it is a rush to each location , so high number dice throwing helps.
The clues are in a booklet that comes with the game and you go to the page to receive a clue. These can be cryptic or straight forward, there are also red herrings and no info as well.
I found that playing with younger children some of the clues were hard to work out.
Once you think you know the answers you go back to Baker street and check the book for the answers, if you are right you win. If not the next player then gets to do the same etc.. until someone has solved the mystery.

Lovely board layout, fun game, tough clues, for those who like a sherlock theme, you’ll enjoy.

Go to the Escape: The Curse of the Temple page
69 out of 79 gamers thought this was helpful

I bought this after watching RAHDO doing a run through on You Tube.

I enjoy playing tile laying games where you explore areas and this did fit the bill. It is played in real time and I have played 2,3 & 4 player games of it. A game will take 10 mins from start to finish as each player frantically rolls their dice AT THE SAME TIME over and over again to get the Symbols they require to move around and complete tasks in the labyrinth.

there are occasions when you have to rush back to your starting tile before you’re locked out (and lose a dice)

Now I found this fun at first and the chaos, screaming and shouting gets ridiculous as you try to concentrate on what you are doing as well as what everyone else it up to(you may need to help others if they get their dice locked – by the black skull symbols – yellow skull symbols can release them)

I have played this about 10 tens now and the novelty has worn off. You find that in a panic some people are just not honest and wizz around without really throwing the correct dice, easily done.

The younger kids I played this with found it hilarious though!

It does get your heart beating fast as the clock ticks down and your desperately trying to throw the correct symbol on the dice to ESCAPE!

Go to the Hanabi page


80 out of 103 gamers thought this was helpful

Enjoyable card game but can be frustrating when played with the wrong person.

overview. you have sets of cards (fireworks)5 or 6 sets depending on how you choose to play which you are trying to lay down numerically from 1 to 5 and in the corresponding colours. EG Red fireworks from 1 up to 5. So if you had 5 sets completed from 1 to 5 you would score maximum 25 points (the highest possible)

The neat mechanic of the game is that only your coop players see your cards and you can see theirs. The idea is to help the each other work out what colour or number cards you have (by either stating they hold a certain colour or number amongst their cards)

Now I found playing with my son we seem to get scores of around low 20’s, but with other people i am lucky to get over 12!!! some have real trouble remembering the card info they are given.

It is frustrating but fun, BUT play it with people who have good memories!

Go to the Machi Koro page

Machi Koro

73 out of 113 gamers thought this was helpful

No point giving a full breakdown as the main review says it all.
I would like to add that the Cartoon style artwork is fantastic. It’s simple dice rolling and if the number matches a card you have it will pay out.
4 types of colour cards in the game. BLUE pays all, GREEN pays the dice roller, RED steals from an opponent & PURPLE performs an action.
when you have enough money it allows you to purchase more cards which can then potentially earn you more money. The first person to build 4 landmarks wins.

I played this will my girlfriend who only really likes quick games. she picked it up on the first game and liked it. yet to play 3 player or more, but my first instinct is that this is going to be a big hit.

There is also an expansion played called the harbour coming out which you can find info on You Tube.

Go to the Lost Legacy: The Starship page
34 out of 41 gamers thought this was helpful

As my title suggests AEG have come up with an updated/amended/copy mechanics of the fantastic LOVE LETTER for the boys. Now I don’t have a problem with love letter. Easy mechanics, quick to teach and fun to play. However In didn’t feel THE STARSHIP has the same fun value as LL. Same idea, you get a card each. the person who’s go it is gets 2 (of which 1 can be played) you have 16 cards in the pack and each has various powers. The difference in this game is that you are looking for the starship card to win. You have cards that create an extra discard pile called the ruins which means those cards can come into play again, which is a nice touch. You also get an extra round if required which is called then investigation phase. where you can search the ruins or other people hands for the missing starship card.
Like love letters various packages available. this come in and nice Blue velvet draw string bag which looks pretty cool and ideal for travelling.
A BIG plus is that they plan to release add on packs/cards to further the experience (and their pockets with £)

After playing this quite a few times (as 2 player) I noticed that we didn’t get to the investigation stage very often as a people would be eliminated.

On the whole I think with longer play and mybe larger groups this could be good, but on initial play prefer LOVE LETTER.

Go to the Qwirkle page


74 out of 112 gamers thought this was helpful

Just hearing your opponent say “I’ve Qwirkled” followed by your “oooh I’ve qwirkled as well!” makes playing this worthwhile.

Easy to learn. You have to lay a number of coloured (six)and shaped titles (six) to earn points. this you do so you are making a connection of colour or maybe shape, but you can’t lay an identical tile (e.g 2 red squares) in the same line.

The player doing the scoring is constantly updating each totals each turn but otherwise there is a steady flow.

Excellent crafted colourful blocks. Played this with a range of ages. Most people say its like dominos.

Not sure why its called Qwirkle, but its a great word! Most people like to express the word in either a sexual context or just plain rude! makes me laugh. good bag, good box & stores the blocks very well.

Go to the Dominion page


63 out of 90 gamers thought this was helpful

Majority of my gaming have been on boards or if they have been cards they normally contain questions. So being very new to this style of game was a pleasant surprise!once I’d looked at the cards I thought, crikey what have I let myself in for? But upon watching a few YOU TUBE tutorials It all fell into place. You start with ten cards and hold a hand of 5 each turn. some of the cards are have a coin value, copper, silver & gold from which you can by numerous other action cards or victory point cards. I have only played about 5 times and with only the recommended starting cards. So its seems it will have quite alot of playability. I taught my son (12) and nepher (17) how to play in one sitting. So it seems quite easy to grasp. I did notice that I did followed a particular formula in collecting certain cards but I look forward to changing this as time goes on. One down note is the box the cards fit into. I still haven’t worked out the best way to fit them in. Other that that GREAT!

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