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Game Update (April 17)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 17-Apr-15 | 15 comments

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User Requested Games

Games added that were user requested are marked below with: {G}
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{G} – Baseball Highlights: 2045
Eagle-Gryphon Games | 2015

{G} – Forge War
Cephalofair Games | 2015

{G} – Just Desserts
Looney Labs | 2015

Luck O’ the Dice
Zark LLC | 2015

{G} – Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory
Z-Man Games | 2015

{G} – Scribe’s Arena
Jason Chan | 2015

{G} – Among the Stars: Expanding the Alliance
Artipia Games, Stronghold Games | 2014

{G} – Cartoon Network Fluxx
Looney Labs | 2014

{G} – Holiday Fluxx
Looney Labs | 2014

{G} – Kings of Israel
Funhill Games | 2014

{G} – La Isla
Ravensburger | 2014

{G} – Maha Yodha
Leprechaun Games | 2014

{G} – Munchkin Panic
Fireside Games | 2014

{G} – New Dawn
Artipia Games | 2014

{G} – Progress: Evolution of Technology
NSKN Legendary Games | 2014

{G} – Pyramix
Gamewright | 2014

{G} – Red7
Asmadi Games | 2014

{G} – Shadows of Malice
Devious Weasel Games | 2014

{G} – Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion
Fantasy Flight Games | 2014

{G} – Waggle Dance
Grublin Games | 2014

{G} – Among the Stars: The Ambassadors
Artipia Games, Stronghold Games | 2013

{G} – Concept
Asmodee, Repos Production | 2013

{G} – Expedition: Famous Explorers
8th Summit | 2013

{G} – Speculation
Queen Games | 2013

{G} – Sleuth
Avalon Hill, Eagle-Gryphon Games | 1971

Upcoming Games

{G} – Penny Press
Asmadi Games | 2015 Q2 (April)

Comments (15)

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Baseball Fan
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Plaid Hat Games fan
Comic Book Fan

“Among the Stars” interests me. I love 7 Wonders and I dig space/sci-fi-themed games, so this might be up my alley.

Gamer Avatar
Movie Lover
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I play blue

That’s an impressive list. I look forward to learning more about each of the many titles.

Gamer Avatar
Professional Reviewer
I play black
Silver Supporter

Hey, neat, I just got Concept as a gift for a friend! Looks like a great imagination-driven game.

Gamer Avatar
Platinum Supporter
Petroglyph Beta 1.0 Tester


Board Game Bliss has both for a decent price…

Gamer Avatar
El Dorado
I'm a Gamin' Fiend!
Rated 100 Games

Hooray! Concept has been added!
Now I can input the dozen or more plays we’ve done just since Christmas…
Love that game!

Gamer Avatar
United Kingdom
I play yellow
Gamer - Level 6

Loads of additions! Thank you for adding Speculation!!!

Gamer Avatar
I play purple
Explorer - Level 6
Cryptozoic Entertainment fan

Nice selection of new games!!! This will keep me busy exploring for days!!

Gamer Avatar
Intermediate Reviewer
Mask of Agamemnon
Novice Advisor

I’ve been hunting Waggle Dance (and Grog Island, not listed here) for months. As a UK release that I didn’t get in on the Kickstarter for, it’s turning out to be unattainable for a reasonable price. If anyone has a lead, let me know!

Gamer Avatar
Jungle Elves - Summoner Wars Beta 2.0 Tester
Summoner Wars Fan
Unicorn Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

What a huge update! Thanks for the great work.

Gamer Avatar
I play blue
Master Grader

Wow! Thanks so much!!!

Gamer Avatar
I'm a Real Person
Smash Up Fan
I play yellow
Comic Book Fan

Sweet sassy molassy! That’s a lot of games.

Gamer Avatar
I Am What I Am

Nice. Thanks for adding Cartoon Network Fluxx & Pyramix that I requested.

Gamer Avatar
Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
Plaid Hat Games fan
Platinum Supporter

No personal requests, but was able to add some Boxnails to my collection and for everything I was able to add to my collection – another thing that looked intriguing popped up! KHAN!!! #FirstPlayerProblems

Gamer Avatar
Gamer - Level 8
Novice Reviewer
Bronze Supporter

Wow! The game updates have been rolling in lately- awesome! And all those Gs- there must be some happy people reading this.

Gamer Avatar
Miniature Painter
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Advanced Reviewer

Thanks for the all the great games to check out! Three games to update my collection with!

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