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Scribe’s Arena - Board Game Box Shot

Scribe’s Arena

| Published: 2015

In the world of Zerath, there exist the 5 primordial elements: Fire, Water, Nature, Light, and Darkness. They are kept apart by borders of energy and exist separately in different realms. These mysterious borders emanate from the Zerath Crystal, a huge statue-like gem of power located in the center of the world. One day the Zerath Crystal was struck by a wayward meteor, shattering it into multiple Zerath Shards that scattered across the world.

The energy borders have since dissipated with The Shattering, and the mages of the elements, known as Scribes, were now able to interact with the other elemental realms. These Scribes will all seek to acquire the Zerath Shards, some with the goal of rebuilding the Zerath Crystal, some wanting to destroy it all together, and others seeking the shard’s power for their own intentions.

While every Scribe’s true objectives to claim these Zerath Shards remains unknown, one thing is certain: Battlefields will be ravaged in the competition for these Shards, and the gods themselves will assist the Scribes in battles of epic preporations.

Which god will you choose to worship?

Which element will you align yourself with?

Will you emerge victorious in the battlefields?

It is time for you to join the war in the Scribe’s Arena!

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