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Dead Drop - Board Game Box Shot

Dead Drop

| Published: 2015
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Throughout the ages, the pursuit for knowledge has been a driving force. Those with a thirst for truth have been known to thrust themselves upon the path the leads to enlightenment. Many travelers have given their lives to obtain the kind of information that wields the power to create and to destroy; to protect and to betray; to share and to obscure.

In Dead Drop, players race to discover the unknown. By sharing and selling secrets players will gain the knowledge needed to go after a piece of secret information that will unlock all that they have been searching for.

Dead Drop is a game that involves elements of memory, deduction, and crafty maneuvering. As secret agents working for different organizations, players scour the globe seeking information that will help them find the location of a hidden explosive device. Agents must trade information and sell secrets in order to learn the location of the device and grab it before it falls into the hands of another agency!

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