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The Game of Jaws - Board Game Box Shot

The Game of Jaws

| Published: 1975

It's you against the Great White Shark... One wrong move... and the JAWS go snap!

The Game of Jaws box

Out of the depths of the dark sea comes the shark. He's the terror of the sea... but not for you in this exciting Game of Jaws. So take part in the Great White Shark adventure 'cause "Jaws" is full of surprises! Each player equipped with his gaff hook tries to fish out a piece of junk from the Jaws... Careful... if you remove the wrong piece the Jaws go snap! It's you against the Great White Shark and each other.

The Game of Jaws catalog

NOTE: The original catalog price for this game is included as a bit of nostalgia. Due to the age and unique nature of this dexterity-based game, its price as a collectible in the third-party market is significantly higher.

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I play yellow
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“Buckaroo with teeth”

Der der der der.. or however the jaws theme went.

This is the game based on the film.

Retro gaming at it’s best in the 70’s!

I had this as a kid, I thought it was better than Buckeroo!

The game is based on balance of the items in the sharks mouth. One false move with removing an item and the sharks jaw closes and catches your hook.
Great fun as a kid. As an adult??? mmmm? maybe if you played with a kids, but making the aduly only table? No Chance.

One for Retro gamers.


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