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Arkham Horror

35 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

I’ll start by justifying my score of 3 stars for replayability.

While each game is different and it’s fun every time, the time required for it SEVERELY limits its replayability. Even with my group of experienced gamers, some games can take more then three hours.

Beyond that, it is a REALLY fun game if you’re into the theme. It’s as though you’re acting out a story in the game, and (oddly enough) there’s more fun in losing the game, as winning can be fairly anticlimactic.

If you’re new to gaming, I would not recommend starting here, but this is a great game to work yourself up to!

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20 out of 48 gamers thought this was helpful

Sure, there are better games out on the market, but this one really is a classic and a staple. This is the game that single handedly launched my friends and I into the world of board games.

It takes nothing to learn, so novice gamers enjoy it, but there can be a strong strategic element so it keeps more avid gamers entertained. It gives you plenty of room to be cooperative and friendly, or completely cut throat.

If you’re new to gaming and not sure what your friends will like, this is definitely a great starting point.

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Apples to Apples

57 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

Let my start by saying that I do love this game, it is probably one of the best party games ever thought up.

It’s definitely replayable over and over and it’s fun as long as you have awesome friends. It takes 2 seconds to teach the game, and even non-gamers like it enough to play and have fun. I’ve also had successful games of this with as many as 15 people, so player limits are (almost) non-existant.

The main issue with this game is that the company release “Sour Apples to Apples” recently, which is every bit as awesome as this game, but added some really awesome elements that kind of make this one obsolete, in a manner of speaking.

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Dungeon Lords

81 out of 132 gamers thought this was helpful

I will warn you first that I am really big into worker placement games such as this and Agricola.

This game is at the top of my list, and has been since it was released. It is quite possibly one of the best themed games on the market, even starting with the way the instructions are presented.

The components are all of the highest quality, you’re definitely not scared to handle the game too much.

The game plays out different each time and there are a number of strategies that are all equally effective (being completely evil, being completely good, focusing on rooms, building light) I’ve tried them all and they can all work…depending on what your opponents are up to.

My only “complaint” is that I wish it was for more than 4 players, but I know these types of games are extremely difficult to balance.

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