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63 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

Let me start by saying that ticket to ride for IOS is not just the best mobile board game i have ever played, but also the best mobile game i have ever played Period. Why is this game so fantastic? Simple put, because it is an exact replica of the game Ticket to ride. Everything you love about the regular game is included without the muss and fuss of cleaning up, worrying about losing trains, or the table getting shaken and the trains flying about. In fact with the mobile game their is so much more you can do pass and play, local wireless, online, or solo against computers *Who aren’t to bad*. In addition the graphics and menus are very well done, the sound is not to bad, and the lay out for everything is extremely well done. The only minor gripes i might have with the game is that the 1910 expansion costs extra, sometimes laying trains is a little fiddly, and the app is not available for android. However, all the complaints are nit picky and are easily out weighed by the positives which help make Ticket to ride a must buy App for everyone.

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Apples to Apples

58 out of 81 gamers thought this was helpful

Apples to apples is a party game where the score rarely ever matters and laughter is the real score card. Apples to apples is a fun game that seems a lot less fun if you have never played any of the more risque clones. *Cards against humanity, sour apples to apples ETC* In apples to apples one player will flip over a green card and be a judge. The green card will have an adjective such as “Scary” on it. All the players who are not judges will look through their hand of red cards *Which will normally be things or people* and lay one face down in a pile for the judge to sort through. So for instance one player might lay spiders, while another will lay taxes. One key to the game is playing to the judge, has the judge been picking more serious or funny answers. The judge will pick the winning card and that player will “Win” the green cards and become the judge. The first player to a set amount of green cards wins the game. Its an extremely simple game, however it is immensely popular due to the funny card combinations *Which are limitless*, family appeal since nothing in particular about the game is to offensive, and the ease of play. Overall, i enjoy Apples to apples, however it would never be a game i personally would go to and i would recommend the much more offensive apples to apples over this game without a doubt.

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29 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

I recently went back and played Risk for the first time in a long time. I had a blast, carefully plotting to take over the world. I then went and played it the following week, and it was significantly less fun. Risk is a game that got a lot of gamers into more “Hardcore” games. However, the problem is the original risk really shows its age and has been surpassed by numerous games out their. Does that make it a bad game? No, but it is deffinately not a game you will be dying to play on a weekly basis.
In risk players will start the game by drafting countries until all the countries on the board are gone. Then players will set up their troops around the globe in their countries *This is one of the most important parts of the game*. Do you spread your self evenly around, or try to take over one continent and dominate it. Once players have set out their pieces, they must go about trying to control the entire world by conquering countries one at a time. During a players turn they set out their units *You earn a certain amount every turn to place*, and go about attacking other countries with dice rolls. You may attack as many countries as you want a turn as long as when your attacking your country has 2 soldiers on it. At the end of your turn you may move troops from one adjacent country to another and draw a card. The card can be used at a later time to gain a ******** *Exact Number* of extra units. The players keep doing this until eventually all players but one die off and the world is conquered. However, problems i didn’t notice *Or care* about when i was younger mar this game. Someones turn can take a LOOOONG time, especially once people start playing cards and earning their units, when you have 2 countries duking it out at 35 VS 31 it takes forever and gets tedious and boring. Also if you play your cards to early your game is pretty much over. Its extremely hard to come back from it if you misplay your cards, and in my opinion that’s not a good thing.
Overall, risk is a good game and I am probaly rating it a little to high for nostalgias sake. However, keep this one on the shelf as an every once in a great while game, not a go-to game.

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22 out of 29 gamers thought this was helpful

Uno is a staple of most gamers childhood a fun, easy to learn card game with a little strategy and a lot of screwing people over. In Uno players are trying to get rid of all of their cards before anyone else does. IN the deck are four colors of cards, these four colors include regular number cards and special cards. To start the game players are dealt seven cards and then one card is set face up in the center. Players must either match the color presented, or match the card. So for example if a red six comes up for the first card, the first player can either play a red card rom his hand or play a six *Of any color*, if he can not then he draws one card from the pile of unused cards. If the player can play the card he does, if not than it is the next persons turn. Pretty straightforward until you get to the special cards. Their are a lot of special cards scattered through the deck. Those special cards allow you to reverse the order of play *From clockwise to counter clockwise*, force the player following you to draw 2 cards, skip the next player, change the color of the cards, and change the color of the cards and force the next player to draw four cards. The other catch to the game is that once a player goes down to one card they must yell UNO! before anyone else does or draw 2 cards. Once someone wins the round they get zero points, and every tally’s up the points of their cards, special cards gain you more points and players go to a set number of rounds. THe player with the fewest points at the end of the round wins.
Uno is not a bad card game, in fact i imagine in its time when it first came out Uno was one of the best card games around. However, now Uno has been lapped by hundreds of other games and is not worth your time unless its the only option or your playing with “Grandma” whos to stubborn to learn a different game.

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Ticket to Ride

90 out of 105 gamers thought this was helpful

Ticket to ride is the best family game I have ever played. Ticket to ride can be easily learned by anyone from age 6-106. In ticket to ride players try to build train routes from city to city based on what cards they draw. The cards will have two cities players need to connect with a train route, and if the player completes the route they get the points on the card. If the route is not connected than the player loses that many points at the end of the game. Players also gain points for each of their individual train routes built, so for instance a train route that is 1 length only gains 1 point, and one that is 5 lengths long gains 10 points. The last way to score points is to have the longest consecutive train route at the end of the game. Players take turn doing 1 of 3 actions either picking up train cards, collecting tickets, or building routes. Train cards are how the routes are built, most train routes have a certain color, so for instance one route might require 5 blues trains. So the player in order to build their must have 5 blue train cards or locomotive cards. Locomotive cards are wild cards that can be played anywhere. So one of the choice a player can do for there turn is to draw train cards, their will be five face up cards and a face down pile. If you draw from one of the face up piles you instantly replace that card with the top card from the face down pile and draw one more card. Unless you pick up a face up locomotive, which means your turn is over. If a player does not want to pick up train cards they may collect tickets. These tickets are how points are scored at the end of the game. A player draws 3 tickets, and must keep at least 1 ticket. The last choice a player may do is to build a route. Overall, ticket to ride is a fantastic game that will get tons of play with any family. It is a great game to ease someone into more complex games, or to play with your children. The scoring is easy * especially with the scoreboard on the board*, the pieces and board are visually appealing *and educational*, and the game is relatively short clocking in at a little less than an hour. I will take a ticket to ride anytime!

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31 out of 43 gamers thought this was helpful

The first time i played munchkin, i knew i would be purchasing it in the near future. Munchkin is at heart a simple game, kill monsters, loot treasure, and level up to LVL 10. Every player can have a race, a class, armor, and weapons that help them accomplish this goal. Nearly everything in munchkin is card based, their is a little bit of dice rolling to run away from monsters, however a board is not even necessary *Even though it is very nice to help keep score, which is why i would definitely recommend picking up Munchkin Deluxe over regular munchkin*. The cards in Munchkin are the meat and potatoes of the game, and the reason you will keep coming back again and again. Put bluntly, the cards are crazy and do crazy things. Munchkin is built around humor and the cards and descriptions on the cards leak of humor. However, don’t think the game doesn’t have strategy due to its humorous and cartoony art work, this game is all about strategy. When and how you play your cards, team up with other players, and spend your treasure will decide whether you win or get squashed as a lowly level 6. Another great aspect to munchkin is the cooperative play, sometimes a monster is to big to handle on your own, so you can either run away or ask for assistance from another player for treasure. Alliances will be formed, and backstabbing will eventually, inevitabley occur. Another great aspect of munchkin is that just because you can beet a monster doesn’t mean you will, while sometimes you will get by killing the LVL 7 monster, other times your opponents will gave you a curse to make you weaker, or possibly lay a card to make your monster stronger. No battle ever comes easy in munchkin. Overall, Munchkin is a must own game that will get plenty of use for years to come. Also their are over 10 expansions for the game, so keeping the game fresh is as easy as heading to your local game store. Munchkin: loot the treasure, kill the monsters, own the game

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Get Bit!

30 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

After seeing Get Bit! on Table Top *Will Wheatons Youtube Series*, I knew this was just the game i was looking for to help my children i teach with numbers. The children i work with are age 3-5 and while they cant play with the pieces included with the game, they love Get Bit! The premise of get bit is simple, stay away from the back of the line and the shark by not having the lowest number played. Every player is dealt seven cards, the cards have the numbers 1-7 on them and are different colors *The players color*, the players then take turns laying down one of their cards facedown and then all revealing at the same time. The player with the lowest number moves to the back of the line, however their is an element of strategy, because if players tie than neither player moves at all. This thus means that even if you played a 1, you still move in front of the players who tied. Than whoever is at the back of the line Gets Bit! *By the included toy shark which looks straight out of a childs lego box* and loses an arm or a leg off of their pawn. The pawns are very neat and are little robots with removable body parts, They are very fun to tinker with and look great. Once all players have played six of their cards and only have 1 in their hand, the cards are resorted out and given back to the players for another round. Once, a player loses both his/her arms and legs they are out of the game. If that means only two players remain in the game then the player in the front of the line automaticaly wins.
Overall, I love get bit, the pieces are appealing, the cards are sturdy and have fun pictures on them, and the game is fun and funndamentaly sound. The children i work with adore the game and request it constantly, and the adult group i play with enjoy it as a nice little time filler. Get Bit!: Get a copy!

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104 out of 158 gamers thought this was helpful

I will admit the first time i unboxed dominion I was like “Whats the big deal?”. However minutes later I saw why everyone loves the game as I was plotting and scheming the best way to make treasure with card combinations. Dominion is a card game for 2-4 players which has players building their own deck of cards from cards in the middle of the table. The cards on the table have numerous different effects including giving you more money, actions, and cards from your deck. Every round a player draws a new hand *5 Cards* from his own personal deck and trys to make as much “Treasure” as possible so they can purchase more cards. The player than discards all the cards that were in their hand and draws five new cards from his card pile until the player has no more cards, they then shuffle the discard cards up and repeat. The winner of the game is the player who has the most Basic victory cards when the game ends. The game ends when all of the big point victory tickets are purchased or when three of the card piles in the middle of the table have all been purchased. The key to the game is balancing, deciding when you should purchase action cards, treasure cards, and victory cards. You don’t want to purchase victory cards to early, because they will clog your hand up and have no redeeming value until the end of the game. However, you dont want to purchase them to late and not be able to catch up with whoever is in first place. Overall, dominion is a great game that will get played over and over by your gaming group, also their are a boatload of expansions which add more replay value.

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Zombie Fluxx

44 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombie Fluxx is a card game where 2-6 players are competing against each other with the end goal of killing or escaping from zombies. The game is based off of the popular Fluxx card game. In Zombie Fluxx their are four types of cards. Rule cards are cards that modify the way the game is played *Draw 2 cards instead of one, Discard all cards after turn ETC*. Goal cards show what keeper cards a player must have to win the game. Action cards are cards that cause an action to immediately happen. Keeper cards are cards you lay down in front of you that give you an item. The thing i enjoy about this game is that is very easy to play and to teach, because the cards *especially the rule and action* are very in depth. Also i love the fact that the game is constantly changing, numerous rule cards can be played at a time which means the game can differ significantly from hand to hand. While a lot of the game is luck their is some slight strategy involved in how and when you lay your cards, but be careful because there are quite a few cards which will cause you to switch hands or discard your cards. Also included with Zombie Fluxx are a fifth kind of card for harder * and also generally longer* games. These cards are the creeper cards *AKA Zombie cards*. These are randomly throughout the deck, and a lot of goals have it so that you can not complete the game if you have a zombie in your hand. Overall, I enjoy Zombie Fluxx quite a lot, Its not the most complex game, but for kids entering the hobby or friends who aren’t ready to delve into more complex games its great. Also the box and artwork are appealing, its easy to carry with you. I would definately give zombie flux a purchase if you see it for cheap at a swap meet or something!

41 out of 54 gamers thought this was helpful

I stumbled onto this website luckily and now i’m hooked. As an avid Xbox Liver I love achievements and this website has itched that scratch. The best part of the website is thats its only going to get bigger! With an active community more games will get put up, more reviews, more everything! Move over BGG theirs a new top dog gaming website coming for you. The only complaint I would have is the lack of a lot of games, however as i noted above time will fix that and once all the old games get put up, Watch out! Great Website

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Zombie Dice

28 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombie dice is a fun little dice game that will eat up 10-15 minutes. Nothing more and nothing less. In zombie dice you are a zombie trying to eat brains without getting shot in the head. The winner is the first to get 13 brains. How do you do that you ask? Of course by rolling dice, players take turns rolling dice and pushing their luck. Players roll 3 dice at a time, the dice have brains, feet, and a shotgun blast on them. The brains mean you have earned a brain and set that dice aside, the feet mean the survivor has run away and you re roll that dice, and the shot means you have been shot in the head and set that dice aside. three shotguns and you are dead, and the next player gets their turn *You also get zero brains added to your total*. This game is easy to learn, fun to play, easily carried around and has a nice container. If youve got some time to “Kill” *Sorry* be sure to check out zombie dice.

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89 out of 136 gamers thought this was helpful

I have a special place in my hear for pandemic because it is the game that got my girlfriend, and one of our “couple friends” into board gaming. Pandemic is a fantastic co-op game that is easy to learn, but nearly impossible to master. In pandemic players try to cure 4 deadly diseases spread around the world randomly. When first starting the game is very difficult, in a good way. Their are numerous ways to lose pandemic run out of virus blocks? You lose, Run out of cards? You lose, to many outbreaks? Your probably getting the picture. However, the great thing about this game is everyone wins and loses together. It is 100% a team game that requires cooperation and careful planning. Each player is given a special role, medics can eradicate diseases faster, researchers can cure diseases with one less card, and their are a couple of other roles *Even though medic and researcher are arguably the best*. Players get four actions a turn and go around the world collecting cards, curing diseases, and trying to prevent outbreaks. It is a great game that should be in anyone’s collection. Earlier i said its nearly impossible to master and that’s because you can change the difficulty of the game by adding epidemic cards, and making it so that you have to not only cure but eradicate a disease. The only nitpicks i would have for the game are that some of the player cards are unbalanced, some are fantastic and some are pretty meh *Especialy when playing 2 players*. However, put that aside and give pandemic a try.

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20 out of 24 gamers thought this was helpful

I love zombies, so when i won this game at a convention i was excited. When i saw the pieces and started to pop out the pieces included with the game, my excitement was off the charts! However, once i started to read the rule book that all went out the window, and in came frustration. The instructions for this game are atrocious, like the worst i’ve ever seen in a game. The first game i played two of my friends got into an argument over one of the rules which is not addressed well and were legitimately angry. The second time i played me and my girlfriend got into a fight, about something in the game which we interpreted differently. The terrible thing about the rule book is that it bogs down an ambitious game that is not bad. The game breaks down into 2 parts, preparing for the zombie apocalypse and then trying to outlast your neighbors. No one wins, but someone survives longer and “Wins”. When preparing for the apocalypse the players pick from items they must be able to fit into their house items range from weapons, flashlights, food, survivors, cars, generators and more. Everything you get has pros and cons, more survivors means more actions per turn, but it also means more food and water consumed every turn. A car is great for going into town to get more supplies, however going into town leaves your home much more vulnerable to zombie attacks. Instead of a standard board, everyone gets their own board which has a house and yards on all sides. Once your house is full the zombie outbreak occurs. At the beginning of every turn a card is drawn by the dealer some are good *Another survivor arrives with food* and most are bad *Your house is on fire*. During players turns they use their actions to do a number of things which are barricading their house, killing zombies, going into town, and placing zombies on other peoples yards. The last player alive wins. Overall, i really wanted to like this game and i do, to a degree. However, if i paid for this game my opinion would probably be different. So the goods of the game, it looks cool, the pieces, zombie minis, and idea are good. The bads: The instruction booklet, to hard, LONG set up time, not enough event cards, a couple misprints on the game board and cheat sheets *Doesnt impact game play*, needs more items * Especially silenced weapons and short range weapons*. In conclusion, don’t buy this game unless its dirt cheap and/or your an avid collector, but don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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Monster Chase

24 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

Monster Chase is a fun, short game children will love to play because it is easy to learn, has colorful fun art work and is short. In monster chase 2-5 players will try to send monsters into the closet from underneath their bed. To do so you look at the monster cards you flip over from the main bed pile and try to find the toy listed on the card. The toys are on tiles which are basically tiles from a memory game. Their are also 2 special tiles to make things more complicated, a sock which doesn’t scare any monsters away and a monster tile which immediately adds a new monster. If you flip a wrong tile 3 times you add another monster, if more than 4 monsters appear everyone loses. I really enjoyed this game and the children i played with LOVED it, they loved the artwork, they loved yelling at the monsters to go to the closet, and they enjoyed the fact that the game is tough! We played 6 games and won once *Children were ages 3-5*. Another thing i liked about the game was that is co-operative so everyone is encouraged to help remember where certain toys were. A few nitpicks on the game, i was disappointed i saw some monsters repeated. I don’t think it would have been to hard to create enough monsters to fit all 20 of the cards included. Also the cards are a little thin which isn’t good especially for a game your only going to play with children. Lastly, the instructions are terrible. Some cards are left unexplained and it’s very frustrating when you cant figure out how to play a game designed for 5 year olds, because the instructions stink. Nitpicks aside this is a great game for young children that adults will enjoy playing. At the 15 dollar price tag you cant go wrong with Monster Chase

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