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85 out of 131 gamers thought this was helpful

Let me start by saying you can only play friday by your self, however dont let that scare you off it is an awesome game! Its actually one of my favorite games due to the reason you can just play it by yourself while your sitting around. Ive probaly played close to 30 or 40 games and I LOVE THIS GAME! IN friday your playing as a guy trying to help Robinson Crusoe not get killed by pirates, you have to build a better deck in order to do that and try not to lose your health points. Every game is a little bit different and the game is a blast! For those who like to play with themselves some time this is a must own!

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This game is so awesome. Every time i play it, it is a new game. This was the first “real” game i played and its still my favorite to this day. I hope to get the expansions to it! I love to play it with my family and with my friends. If you have the money be sure to get this game and play it a lot! The best thing about the game is the tiles, the tiles are a lot of fun to look at and to just play with when your not playing the game. You can build different citys out of the tiles which is fun

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