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“Making sense of Zombivors”

As it stands now, I find the rules regarding zombivors, kinda overpowered and also immersion breaking. If you get bit by a zombie you are gonna die right? Instead of just turning into this tank wielding weapon ******

So my house rules goes as follows;

After a player is turned to a zombivor, his days are numbered. He is fighting the virus and trying to keep his will. He is not allowed to leave the map. At the start of every turn the player has to roll a D6. If the result is higher than his current wounds, the player remain in control of his body and mind. if he don’t, he looses control and his character gets replaced by a standard berserker zombie. The player is now out of the game.

Rolling against its wounds makes sense to me in that regard that it gets tougher and tougher to stay in control the more you get hurt. So with this house rule, zombivors are still the tank they are today, but they won’t last forever… you better make the little time you have left count.

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“The Roof is on Fire”

We all know playing with fire in the house is not a good idea. When using a fire weapon (Molotov or Flame thrower) inside a building the building starts on fire. The room it was used in is now on fire. After the zombie move and spawn before the players turn you must check to see if the fire spreads. Roll for each room with a door connected to that room. 5-6 the fire spreads.

The fire also can burn out on the roll of a one.

The a room on fire does 1 damage to anything that enters it.

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“Replacing Zombivors with Juggernauts”

So the whole “zombivor” idea didn’t go over so well with my group because we are mostly science/engineering majors and we all agree that if a zombie outbreak occurred, it could not be a virus or bacteria that’s responsible, but a fungus. Most likely from the genus Cordyceps. It explains a lot of things about the behavior of zombies that doesn’t make sense with viruses/bacteria.

Anyway, since the cause must be a fungus, there is no way an infected individual can “retain their human will.” So in order to keep the mechanic in the game without ruining the theme, we came up with this house rule:

Use a few of your unused objective tokens to represent a suit or “juggernog” or anything you can imagine that would grant an individual extra defense against zombies (we tend to use the bat suit and the iron man suit a lot). You should have plenty of spares, especially if you own the original game as well. If you can, use tokens of a different color than your other tokens.

Place these tokens on the board, and anyone who grabs it gets all preexisting wounds removed, gets to reorganize their equipment for free, and has to get 5 wounds to die, but doesn’t get the benefit from the +1 action skill.

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