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“The Long Haul”

In Practice
– Do not lay down trains early
– Only Draw “2” blind from the deck

Staying off the board conceals which routes you have, this is especially important in the American version with a small amount of high point routes. While you may lose a few important tracks you will be able to claim more, longer routes and build around others. If a person “blocks” you then your hand will be large enough to simply build around them. Essentially the idea is “walk softly but carry a big stick”

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“Claim Connecting Routes”

Always try and pick routes that can connect to each other and in multiple ways, such as a route that’s actually part of a longer one. This is a good way to rack up a lot of points quickly and easily while finishing off a ton of tickets and makes it easier to go for the Longest Route point bonus.

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“Playing vs bots for high score”

The bots have different playstyles which you can use as your advantage. Ie. Vanderbot Jr. draws card form the blind deck quite a while before he bombards the map with long connectinos.
Some of the other bots start playing what they have and then fills up their hands untill they have enough to put down.
My favorite, and the one I’ve scored well above 200 points and got above 12 tickets, is Jane Stanbot.

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“Easy game to share if you own iPad/iPhone”

Most people I know who own an iPad also own an iPhone. I recommend having both versions and lending someone your iPad, playing a local game. Before you know what happens they will be buying the game for their own i-device.

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“Cards Cards and More Cards”

Draw as many cards as you can before you make you first move. It may seem like a long time, but in the end it is helpful just to lay down route after route.

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“Offensive and defensive”

When you can’t pick up a train card to help you grab one of the shorter connecting pieces to keep it from someone else getting it first. It also helps to try and mentally map out all the possibilities of your routes- and get the connectors that you have only one or two shots at first.

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“Play ruthless against bots”

To keep peace in our family, we have a house rule when we play the tabletop version that you can’t block other player’s paths to block others. There are also online players that invite folks to play as long as they don’t aggressively block. If your goal is to beat the bots, this kind of courtesy shouldn’t apply at all. Block away! The bots don’t have feelings. It took me a few games to get out of the habit of being nice. The bots don’t seem to aggressively block…they are set to pursue their own goals only. So that gives real players a strategic advantage.

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“Claim long connections whenever possible.”

The longer the connection the more points you get and not in a linear way. 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 15. So a length 6 connection gets you more than 2 points per train. Maximize your points per train placed with this simple strategy.

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