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“Protect the routes you need”

One of the best uses of these monsters is to actually protect the start-end of one particular route you need. Try placing the monster early in the game in a city you really need to get to. Then, try to get a locomotive as soon as possible, and then try to get the cards you need for that route. As soon as you have them, during your turn first move the monster and then claim the route! Remember that you can move the monsters at ANY time during your turn.

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“Shoestring version”

Not to suggest that it’s not worth the money, but it would be totally possible to make your own with coins or other small objects. This game includes 2 monster tokens, 20 counters for each of them and the rules are available on the website.

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“Use them as more than just defensive measures”

Remember, whoever moves each Alvin and Dexter the most will receive +15 points at the end of the game. Keep track of who is moving Alvin and Dexter around on the board if anyone. It could be that they have not moved very much, or just once by each player. At the end of the game if you can move them a few time it could bring you the +15 points and also really ruin someone else while they are scrambling to get their last few trains laid.

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