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“Build the Medium Value Properties, and Divide Your Workforce...”

The Builders: Middle Ages requires 17 victory points to win, and buildings are worth 0-8 victory points points each. A good strategy is to build structures in the 3-4 victory point range early in the game while acquiring a balanced workforce as you go. Most mid level structures can be completed with two or three workers.

And, work on two structures concurrently using one or two workers per structure per turn. Using one worker on a building costs one action per turn. A second worker requires two actions, and a third worker uses three actions. Extra actions can be purchased for 5 coins each, but multiple extra action plays gets expensive. It is often wiser to draft another worker or select a new structure to construct on your next turn(s).

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“Combine Middle Ages and ”

I often have the need to play with 6 players so I bought The builders Middle Ages and The builders Antiquity and combine the building and worker cards to play a 6 player version. I remove the prisoner and tool cards from the Antiquity deck.

The only difference in the games is the bottom resource which is a clay tile in middle ages and a pottery in antiquity but they are both blue in color.

I use the rules for middle ages.

I have used this variation in several venues and it works well.

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“Bling out your components”

If you’re American and you have the spare change, substitute pennies for your silver pieces and nickles for your gold pieces.

Yes, yes, yes…I know. The colors won’t match, but the conversion rate is the same. If you want your coins to feel more like coins, it adds to the gameplay.

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