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“Push your luck but maybee not too much”

I have played around 10 games pushing my luck and going for the furthest valuable artifacts and I only won once…my chicken daugther is always hunting treasure in lowest part of the central room , ready to get out in time and she is always kicking my butt….the stats are speaking for themselve. No need to push your luck to the extreme to win….or its because my butt is too fat to run fast enough to get out the pyramid in time

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Old Bones
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“"So once again, Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine"”

Sometimes it is a good strategy to follow players around just outside the Mummies’ Corridor. Since it takes an action to open a sarcophagus and another to actually pick up the treasure, some players will open it up and not have the action to get the treasure. This allows for a quick pick-up and helps to keep you out of the Mummies’ reach.

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“Beware the numbered 6 and 9 block stickers”

Here’s a problem we ran into that’s worth noting before you play.

When looking at the stickered numbers (that go on the blocks that “fall” onto the board each round), the 6 and 9 look identical. This caused issues for us as when we pulled one, a 6 would have ended the game, a 9 wouldn’t have been a big deal.

After close inspection of other numbers, you’ll find the upper left-hand corner of the sticker border will have a small brownish dot/smudge. If you pull the 6 or 9, that dot/smudge will let you know which number it is.

If you’re willing to mark your game, I’d highly recommend drawing a line beneath the 6 and the 9 to show which is which. If you aren’t willing to mark your game, keep an eye out for the smudge. Alternatively, you can initially put your stickers on in a corner, or near an edge of the block, with a specific orientation (for instance, bottom of the number is towards the closest edge).

It tuned out to be a 6, and everyone in our game was trapped in the temple.

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Smash Up: Dinosaur Faction Fan
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“Smash and Grab”

Play it safe and stay in the front of the tomb or run to the back and grab the high money treasure? That is the question. I have won both ways. It boils down to the way the tiles drop. I try to get something from the back and then go middle or front and run out when all is turning bad.

Just play for fun.

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