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Tips & Strategies (2)

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“Fix for castle map flaw”

On the castle map the Union has a clear advantage, in that their grenades can reach the opponents starting area. This is quite damaging on its own, but if their commando takes the fire grenade and burns the enemy hallway, it effectively kills every opposing unit as soon as they hit the table. This is a grievous oversight, and is best fixed by closing off the stairwell entry point, blocking its access to the hallway with a wall instead of an open door. It’s really the only way to make the map playable.

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“Don't forget! Move, shoot, move some more!”

A lot of games break up move/shoot phases to where you can do one before the other but once one is done you can’t do it again. One of the great bits about Tannhauser is the ability to pop around a corner, fire off a few rounds and then duck back into cover. Use this to your advantage as much as possible!

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