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“Faster games”

I’d advise lowering the amount of exp needed to gain levels to make the game go quicker if you are short on time. Talisman can last for days if everyone is fighting for it.

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“Save the Arnkell for when it matters”

At first, the Arnkell seemed to be the weekest of the relics that you can get by defeating the Eagle King (as you can only teleport once and then you loose it). However, as you can use it to get to the Crown of Command and skip all of the inner region (except that you need to enter the Plain of Peril to use the Arnkell, as it only teleports you within a region). We tried that yesterday and it really gave the player using the Arnkell a strong upper hand. Fortunately for us others she did draw a harsh alternative ending card and didn’t end up as the winner. The fast-track through the inner region was well worth the Arnkell, though.

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