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“If you can't click it...”

Several people have encountered difficulties in clicking the ships due to poor bases and others (like me) have issues conducting power adjustments in hexes where 3-4 ships are preparing to duke it out. One easy way to do away with the clicking, is to use heavy sleeves on the ships display cards and use one paper clip per ship to track the changes in the power levels, making power adjustments an easier task.

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“Remember Your Factions Strengths”

Remember when it comes to mission that you can cycle through them to better suit the game style of whatever group you are representing.

The Federation is strongest in science so in most cases you will score points more easily if you can a bunch of science missions out. Of course, you have to play attention to the ships that you can piloting as well and adjust as necessary. However, I won a handful of games in a row as the Federation without having to enter into combat at all. Using science missions as the base for you victory points all of your exploration and scanning will lead to a quick win.

The Klingons of course are strongest in combat so in their case cycle through your missions until you load up on combat missions. Of course, you have to play attention to the ships that you can piloting as well and adjust as necessary. As the Klingons you should look to engage enemy ships as quickly and as frequently as you can. You can also reliably look to score some influence mission as well after you’ve sent the Fed ships packing.

All of this should seem like common sense to a Star Trek fan, but players often times force their personal play style into a game regardless of available resources. A Federation player can’t look to win on combat alone and a Klingon player can’t look to win using their science capabilities alone either. Remember just play to each faction’s strengths and cycle through your missions.

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“Read carefully your ship's special abilities”

Once the game progresses there are quite a few cards, tokens and missions that you have to keep track of and it’s easy to forget something. In my experiance players – especially Klingon players – tend to forget (out of all things) their ship’s individual abilities. It might seem as a stupid tip, but at least with the people I’ve played with I had to remind them that some of the ships do special things.

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“useful links”

“Let’s Play!” – Episode One – “Star Trek: Fleet Captains”

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