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Tips & Strategies (3)

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“Allowing Players to Redraw a Bad Hand”

Sometimes in this game, you have a hand of cards that really don’t work well together. We play with a house rule where a player may discard any or all of their cards and redraw to a full hand if they discard a buyer card that they won in an earlier round.

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“No Time For Preparing ”

To make the game “really” interesting. We pick out our hand but do not look at our cards. We then get the person to the left to draw two cards and place them “face down” in front of you. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT YOUR CARDS UNTIL IT IS YOUR TURN. The 1st person then starts their Pitch before they reveals the cards. After the opening pitch has begun, the player than reveals the cards and explain the product more.
This is a very random way to play as you have no time to come up with any ideas for the product – It keeps it fresh and everyone is just itching to see what the product is.
Try it out!

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“Punch it full of holes”

After 1 sales person has made a pitch to the customer, we allowed for the other sales people to ask questions about the product. It made it more fun because they tried to find flaws in the product and sometimes the flaws were hilarious.

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