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“Achievements Unlocked! (Well... Printable and Unchecked)”

I’m sure at some point down the line a ‘Campaign’ or ‘Story’ mode is destined for Sentinels:Digital and it has been rumored that not too far away are ‘promo’ alts and skins to be unlocked through various achievements.

I figured the best way to practice Sentinel Situations and DIY a campaign mode for the time being was the old printable Story Challenges sheet from the Greater Than website and the initial card game release.

It is a fun way to build a game situation or two and there’s a certain satisfaction to checking off a manual cheevy come endgame. 🙂

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“Miss Information”

A good way to face off against Miss Information is to use alternate Tachyon (Super Science).
Tach’s ability against Miss Information will help you suss out those Clues quicker and prevent you from taking massive damage before it would normally trigger her flip affect.
You can also combo in Dark Visionary or Omintron-X if you need another boost.
America’s Greatest Legacy can give you a second use of Tachyon’s power if needed.

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“Version 1.1 Variants”

Handelabra released version 1.1 the other day. The update includes six unlockable promos. How do you unlock them? It’s a secret! Kind of. By now, people have figured out all of the unlocks. If you want to figure it out yourself, then stop reading. If you need them unlocked this very instant, here’s how (as best as I can tell):
-Young Legacy: Baron Blade has to incap Legacy at Wagner Mars Base
-Rook City Wraith: Use two Infrared Eyepieces on one turn
-Super Scientific Tachyon: put five Burst cards into your trash on one turn
-GI Bunker: as Bunker, use all three modes during one game
-Bomber Blade: kill Citizens Blood, Sweat, and Tears in one round (must have defeated Baron Blade previously)
-Omnitron II: kill both of Voss’ ships in one round (must have defeated Omnitron I previously)

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“Buttons on top of the screen”

Be aware of the 2 buttons on the top of the screen while you are playing:

– Fisrt one, with the rewind icon will allow you to come back to previous actions if you made some heavy mistake on your strategy or did not realize what just has happened.

– Second one, with a ray icon, will give your some general information about bonuses and status working.

Also, whenever you have to take some decision, remember that you can use the ‘Meanwhile’ blue button to go to the gameplay screen and check any card in play.

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