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Tips & Strategies (6)

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“Spread your workers out towards the end of the game”

With the +1 movement ability of your mechs, you can rapidly expand your controlled territories towards the end of the game by just doing a couple of move actions to use your mechs to drop off workers in empty territories.

With only a few players, that means that for the majority of the game, can keep your workers huddled together to maximize your production. You can keep them protected with a couple of mechs.

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“Always go for encounters!”

Encounter cards are great. The 3rd level results usually aren’t too detrimental or game-breaking to where you should avoid wanting to take the card at all. Usually the 2nd level reward is a net gain.

Some players focus their strategies on upgrades, workers/resources, etc. I’ve played just using encounters as my #1 priority (kinda for flavor sake) and it’s always worked for me (being far from last…tho never 1st *cry*).

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“Don't fixate”

Its easy in this game to fixate on one path to victory, look at the end of game point chart, get those hearts up and see where you can outmaneuver your opponents. The factories and encounters are boosts to you in the early game, but the end can look very different if you don’t keep an eye on the prize, the game will lure you into chasing wild geese.

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“Your First Game of Scythe”

The game manual suggests during your first playthrough that you keep track of the running score after each turn. Though this will make your first play long, you will learn sooner how your actions are impacting the game, as opposed to waiting until the end to see how you have fared.

Estimate 3hrs for your first setup and playthrough, and watch some of the excellent how-to-play videos on youtube instead of immediately opening the manual. Later games will be much quicker.

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“Adding Players to the game with the Automata deck”

After a few regular plays of Scythe, an extra card deck known as Automata (normally reserved for solo play) can be used to add an additional AI player to your multiplayer games, further increasing game action.

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Try to get and control the factory

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